Going on a Bus Tour Day 4-i

Friday April 5. Day 4,a-h all took place from about 8:00 till 12:30 when we broke for lunch, after lunch the group went to the National Archives. I am not in the best of shape so I stayed with the bus and let Charlotte go and look it over, besides we were going to Arlington Cemetery next and I wanted to save my walking for that.

Watching the changing of the guards and also they had a changing of the wreath these two ceremony’s will bring a tear to your eyes. These men that preform this duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter what the weather may dish out. This position is only for volunteers and they must have an unblemished record and both service and civilian. They must go through very rigorous training and pass all test and inspections with perfect score.

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2 thoughts on “Going on a Bus Tour Day 4-i

  1. I have been to Arlington four times…each time, it became a more humbling experience. To see all those crosses perfectly aligned and to know some were laid to rest there after being killed in action. How did you feel?


    • I was very humbled in fact to see how everyone even the small kids just froze and stayed so quiet during the changing of the guard, in fact I do not remember seeing any one taking pictures during the ceremoniousness. Some one on the tour bus had bought a CD about the Honor guards and the Arlington women and we watched it on the bus. It made me so emotional that I cried in front of strangers, for it talked about the solders that are buried there.


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