Going on a Bus Tour Day 4-c

Friday April 5.  Next was the Jefferson Memorial. P1080219 P1080220 P1080221 P1080222 P1080223 P1080224 P1080225 P1080226 P1080227 P1080228 P1080229 P1080230 P1080231 P1080232 P1080233


5 thoughts on “Going on a Bus Tour Day 4-c

  1. I used to live in Falls Church Virginia, this has been a fun trip down memory lane. My dad worked at the Pentagon for many years. Family would visit and we played tour guides.


    • Thanks for you comment and I am glade that it brings back memories for you. The tour guide we had said he had lived there for the last 50 years and he seemed very Knowledgeable.


  2. Yeah, I lived in Alexandria VA and was watching cartoon’s the day Reagan was shot. I remember thinking they shouldn’t interrupt cartoons just cause some guy got shot. lol, I worried about my dad the day that Florida flight splashed in the Patomic, he crossed a bridge right next to the one the plane crashed on. If you get a chance to visit the tomb of the unknown, try to see it when they do the changing of the guard. It is quite moving, the respect and dignity they present for our fallen soldiers.


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