Going on a Bus Tour Day 4-a

Friday April 5.  Rockville, MD to Washington DC is about a 20 min, drive depending on what time a day and or if it is the weekend to get right down town DC. It was a beautiful ride and since I was not driving I could look at the scenery, it is hard getting pictures though because of the glare and other passengers Washington Monument under repairegetting in the way. We passed the Kennedy center on the way in and then we could see the Washington Monument from a distance, as we got closer you could see the scaffolding being built up and around it so that they can repair where the earth quake damage it in August 2011.

White HouseWe picked up a tour guide from Washington and he took us around showing us the outside of the White House. We had to park the bus a couple of blocks away I guess due to security and walk to the White House and the gate was as close as we could get.

Top of the Washington mounment A gate by the White House Charlotte at the White House Tree at the White House Washington monument

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