Gallery: Going on a Bus Tour Day 3

Thursday April 4.  Coraopolis PA. Up at 05:30, breakfast at 06:00, Bags out of room to be put on the bus at 06:30, and loaded up to leave at 07:00. We left heading toward Gettysburg, stopped about two hours later for a break, then on in to Gettysburg. We had lunch at General Pickett’s buffet which was great we pulled up and even though their was a bus load of kids their we were able to get right in and the place could handle us in and out in about an hour.

There was a tour guide from Gettysburg that met and boarded the bus at the restaurant, and we started our tour from there. While driving through town we passed a house with a statue of a woman out front, the guide told us that she Womanwas the only civilian casualty in the town and they figured that while she was cooking in her kitchen that a stray bullet came through the window and killed her. Just down the street from where she lived was a tall building where a confederate sniper was shooting out a window and to this day you can see where all the Union bullets had hit the building where they were shooting at the sniper.House riddeld with bullites

When we came to the edge of town and started in the out laying hills you could see wide open spaces, and areas with heavy growth of trees. The guide told us that this is exactly the way it looked back then. It was eerie looking yet beautiful to me. Just the thought of how many P1080102thousands of men who lay dead in these fields was hard for me to comprehend. You would see rock walls along side of the fields and that would be where the farmers would stack the rock as they cleared there fields to plant crops, but the rock walls in the woods and hills were the walls the soldiers put up getting ready for battle and they are still standing today.

Years later when the Union men who survived this terrible war returned they

General John Buford

would erect monuments at the sites where they fought so bravely. And it was several years later before any confederate monuments were installed and there or few them. We were told that most of the battle fields are considered hallowed ground. They feel that most of the bodies have been dug up and given proper burial but they are not sure if all have been found. Finley we stopped at the National Military Park where President Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. We were also told that President Nixon’s great grandfather George Nixonis buried here. I am not sure if he said great or great great? Gettysburg Address location

After eating at the Blue and Gray bar and grill we loaded back on the bus and headed for Rockville, MD where we will be staying while touring Washington DC.

Battel ground Eternal Light Peace Memorial Looking down from little dome hill Wells house where Abe stayed


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