Going on a Bus Tour

P1080068A few months back we heard about a bus tour out of Nebraska to Washington DC. We decided that we would go so we signed up for the week of April 2nd-11th. We arranged to meet the bus in Kansas City which was its last pickup point; we drove to our daughter’s house and visited with her until time to catch the bus. We met up with the bus across from the KC Royals baseball stadium early Tuesday morning, then loaded up and off we went heading east toward DC. There were already 35 others on board and then seven of us that got on in Kansas City for a total of 42 altogether. Charlotte and I were the last ones to get on so we found an empty seat in the very back in front of the buses toilet. We visited with the people setting right round us. The couple that set right in front of us was from Lincoln Nebraska, Howard and Patricia. The bus would go for a couple of hours and we would stop and take a break then drive a P1080069couple more hours stop and eat lunch so on and so forth. We stopped the first night in Terre Haute IN.


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