50 years playing in the Symphony

Two years before I met the love of my life she started playing cello with the Amarillo Symphony. She was a junior in the Amarillo High school when she first tried out and was accepted to play with the symphony, who would have thought that 50 years later she would still be playing. She was out of Amarillo while she attended the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque NM at which time she also played with the Albuquerque Symphony. And then when I was in the Navy she came out to San Diego to meet the ship, she had brought her cello with her.  We loaded all the cars and wives on the ship where we went to Bremerton Washington to put the ship in dry dock; while we were there she played with the Bremerton Symphony.

This past weekend was the final performances for the season of the Amarillo SymphonyAmarillo Symphony and they surprised Charlotte by recognizing her for her 50 years. She was so surprised when they announced it to the audience just before the concert on Friday night, and then at intermission we surprised her again by my son, his wife, and Riley, plus her nephew and his wife and I met her back stage. She was prepared for Saturday night’s performance but they surprised her with a necklace and again we went back stage at intermission this time it was her niece and her husband. The symphony asked her to be at the Symphony office by 2:00 pm Monday, so when we arrived they had one of our local TV station interview her which was another surprise for her. In the picture Charlotte is the one holding her cello out while they introduce her.

Charlotte with the string familey Rehersal Charlotte on TV



Birthday boy 6 years old

My how time flies Riley turned 6 back on the 25 of April 2013. I remember No papa that is my cherry you can get some out of the fridgewhen we found out that he was on his way, Charlotte and I was on a trip toSee what mama made me Galveston Texas to catch a cruise ship, we had stopped in Houston to visit with our other son and his family. I thought I would check our e-mail and we had one from our kids back in Amarillo Texas, there was an attachment of a sonogram and a note saying we were going to be grandparents again.

King birthad boy Lets party P1090002 P1090033 Rileys new car

Hay Mama let’s Play Music together

My son called this morning and he wanted me and the wife to pose for some pictures so that he could use them to try out a new program on his computer. Any how little Noah came over with him and while Jeff was working on some of the shots he took, Noah told mama let’s play music. So when I heard Noah banging on the piano and Charlotte playing on the P1080974Cello I grabbed our camera and took a few shots.

P1080983 See how strong I am P1080985 Getey up horsey

Going on a Bus Tour Day 10 Last day

Wednesday April 11. Day 10. After a good night’s sleep we had breakfast and boarded the bus around 8:45. We drove down town to the Lincoln Library and Museum. We only had an hour and a half to go through the museum and that was not enough time for this was great. The first thing Charlotte and I went to was a hologram move called the Ghosts of the Library that was so realistic looking that it looked like a live performance. http://www.alplm.org/museum/ghosts.html afterword’s just walking through the museum was fantastic we were not allowed to take pictures of most of the museum so I suggest that if you are ever in Springfield to go through the museum but give yourself plenty of time to enjoy it. Across the street from the library and museum is the actual train station where President Lincoln left to go to Washington DC and where his body was brought back after he was assassinated. Well it is over we loaded back up on the bus and headed for Kansas City Mo

.P1080935 P1080936 P1080937 P1080939 P1080940 P1080941 P1080942 P1080943 P1080945 P1080946 P1080947 P1080949 P1080950

Going on a Bus Tour Day 9-c

Wednesday April 10. Day 9 Next we went to the Old State Capital just


a few short blocks from the Lincoln home. This is where Mr. Lincoln tried cases and it was across the street from his law office, also this was where he was told that he was elected and was now the President of the United States of America and so he ran home to tell Mary the news, can you just imagine seeing him running with those long lanky legs?

P1080880 P1080883 P1080884 P1080885 P1080891 P1080892 P1080894 P1080896 P1080897 P1080899 P1080900 P1080905 P1080906 P1080907 P1080910

After we left the old state capital we went to where President Lincoln is buried in the city cemetery. His tomb is open to the public if you are ever in Springfield.

P1080911 P1080912 P1080916 P1080919 P1080924 P1080925 P1080926 P1080927 P1080932 P1080933

Going on a Bus Tour Day 9-b

Wednesday April 10. Day 9 I thought it was interesting about the door bell, there was a piece of wire going through a hole in the wall leading outside P1080831by the front door leading to a bell attached to the wall, I was told that it was the original bell used when Abe lived there.

P1080837 The bed was one from that era but the original one was burned in the Chicago fire so Robert picked one that looked like his dads bed. The desk P1080841looks so small but yet it is the one that Abe used while writing.

Mary Todd Lincoln slept in another room for Abe would stay up late reading and working. If you noticed the carpet and the wall paper kind of clashes, it did not matter because it showed the guest that P1080844they had the money for such things and besides white washed walls was for poor folks. She also had a potty chair in her room instead of just a chamber pot.

The stove in the kitchen is the original stove that Mary Todd cooked on, the back staircase is the only thing in the house that has been changed, the city of SpringfieldP1080860 said it had to be brought up to code for it was steep and had no hand rails plus it opened into the kitchen and someone could fall so it was closed in and hand rails added.

When the outhouse was built it had three seats P1080862in it so I guess with having four boys he knew he needed more than a one holer.

P1080861 P1080863 P1080865 P1080867 P1080869 P1080875

Going on a Bus Tour Day 9-a

Wednesday April 10. Day 9 Up at 5:30 breakfast at 6:00, bag’s out by 6:30, loaded and ready to leave at 7:00. We drove for a couple of hours then took a break in Indianapolis IN set our clocks back an hour thin had lunch in Champaign IL. It was raining when we reached Springfield IL it was early so we drove on down town and stopped at Lincoln’s home and historic site, we went into the store looked around and by then it had stopped raining so we walked over to Abe Lincoln home which looks the same to this day. We took the tour and rangers were stationed around the house to explain all that we were looking at. Robert Lincoln Abe’s only son who was still living sold his dads house to the US Government for $1.00 and with the stipulation that they could not charge for people to come and see the house. We were told that we could not touch anything except for the banister as we went up the stairs, and they also told us that this banister is the same exact one that Mr. Lincoln used when he went up the stairs.

P1080834 P1080835 P1080833 P1080832 P1080829 P1080828 P1080826 P1080823 P1080822 P1080820 P1080819 P1080816 P1080812

A Home at my Home

P1080963 P1080964While we were gone on that bus tour to Washington DC we had a visitor move to our home. I was noticing that every time we opened our front door a bird would fly away from the porch light so I looked and she had built a nest between the light and the house. I did not want to disturb it so I thought I would take a picture of it and guess what I found, yep there were 4 eggs in it so I am guessing she would have been a happier bird if we had stayed away longer.