Saint Patrick day Baby 1970

Web, newsI want to wish my girl a very happy birth day and let her know that ever since she has been born I have had the luck of the Irish with me all the time.

Forty three years ago today I became a farther to a beautiful baby girl. That was one of the happiest days of my life except I did not find out until sometime the next day after she was born. Ok let me explain I guess it started back in August of Ce at 4 weeks1966 we have been married for a year, before we started trying to have kids. But it was beginning to look like it was not to be, for we tried everything the doctors suggested and we both had checkups to see if it was either one of us that might be the problem and we were both told that we should be able to make kiddos. We had even been talking about adopting a child but we could not afford it for I was working as a truck driver not making a lot of money so we even gave up on that idea. In August of 1968 I was called up to go in the military so I joined the navy. Off to boot camp I went and we really could not afford this either but of course I had no choice in the matter and Charlotte and I had not been apart except for working since we were married. After 10 weeks in boot camp I was able to come home for a little brake before I went to Vietnam to catch my ship. I was gone from home this time about eight months before coming back to the states, Charlotte met the ship as it docked in San Diego, well let’s just say 8 months is a long time to be away from the love of your life if you get my drift. The ship was in San Diego for a few months and then we loaded wives and cars on board and the ship headed for Bremerton Washington for dry dock and while we were there we found out that we were pregnant.Green Clovers

Now back to finding out that I had a daughter the day after she was born. The ship had gone to Hawaii and while we were there I had gone on liberty to look over the island and I had gotten lost. I was supposed to call Charlotte but it took me awhile to get back to the ship and when I called her she was being a little short with me and I was not sure why, I figured it was because I did not call when I was supposed to and the fact with time zones it was pretty late back in Texas. The ship pulled out on March 17 1970 heading toward the Philippines; we had been out at sea for quiet awhile when I got a telegram from the Red Cross telling me I was the proud father of a baby girl. When the mail finely caught up with the ship I received a picture of my daughter and an explanation why Charlotte was so short with me that night she was in labor and she did not want me to worry about her.


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