Making Friends after the War

DAYTON, Ohio -- Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 at th...

DAYTON, Ohio — Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo) High-resolution image of a Bf-109, a German WWII fighter aircraft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Boeing B-17E in flight. (U.S. Air For...

English: Boeing B-17E in flight. (U.S. Air Force photo) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Both of the stories are true but they will be told by second-hand information and they both end with happy endings.

Both of these took place over Germany during WW II, the first one was a POW who was captured after he was shot down somewhere over Germany. I found out about this when I went to his funeral and heard his kids talk about what all happened. Jack bailed out of his plane somewhere over Germany; he had been hurt badly and burned from the flames after kicking the door open and jumping through the flames. When he landed on the ground a farm girl had seen him and ran to where he was and seeing he was hurt tried to get him to follow her but they did not understand each other, after a little bit the girl heard her farther coming so she hid for her father was a German soldier and he had another soldier with him. They reached Jack and picked him up and started dragging him off, he could hear them arguing about if they should go ahead a kill him or take him prisoner. Jack lived through his ordeal although not without lots of pain, and when the war was over he made it back home.

It was several years later his family was asked if they would take in a foreign exchange student from Germany, at first Jack said no, he did not want to have someone from Germany staying at his house. Someone from his church talked with him and explained that there just was not too many people willing to take any exchange student and would he please consider giving this young man a chance. Jack decided to go ahead and take the kid in and they did hit it off and became good friends. After the year was up the young man had to go back home to Germany and invited Jack and his family to come a visit. Jack had a chance to go so he and his family went over to visit and Jack met the young man’s folks. Come to find out his dad was a German air man and was shot down and captured by some American soldiers so they were both POW’s at the same time. They got to talking with each other and they also became good friends.

The second story I was just informed about it yesterday by a friend who was telling about a B-17 Pilot who was flying low over Germany, when he flew over an enemy air field where a pilot of a German ME-109 was told to take off and go shoot the B-17 down. After he caught up with the plane and was getting ready to shoot it down he could see that the plane was badly damaged and the rear gunner was it bad shape. So he decided to fly up beside the B-17 he could see that one engine was not working and the plane was riddled with bullet holes, he got up to where he could see the pilot of the B-17 and how scared he looked as he noticed the German plane next to him. The B-17 pilot had no idea where he was at for his interments had been shot up and was not working. The German pilot motioned for him to turn the plane around and then led him out to sea toward England and then the German peeled away and returned back to Germany.

Several years later the pilot of the B-17 started looking to find the German pilot, so he could thank him and finely found out that the German man only lived 200 miles from him in Canada. They got together and became good friends. I became interested in this story so I looked it up and found that it is a true story, so I am adding a link to it and it is well worth reading.


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    • Thanks for reading, I am not sure if they have ever published any thing on Jacks story but I know it is true due to I know the family and as I said we went to his funeral. Jack is not his real name I just did not feel I had the right to say who he was. Have a blessed day. Jim


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