How a Christians is like a Campfire?


I cannot imagine what you are thinking of when you read this title. Several years ago when my children were in Royal Ambassadors which is sort of like boy scouts except this is totally for kids and youth in a Baptist church. It comes from 2 Corinthians 5:20 20 Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. We were camping down at the Baptist camp grounds just south of Amarillo Texas and we were setting around the campfire after dark telling stories and talking about what all we had learned from the bible that day.

We had a young man asked the question; can’t we worship God and praise Him without having to go to church? That was a great question and several others wanted to know the answer to that question. One of the dads that was there helping with our camp out said can I answer that question and of course we told him to go ahead. I was wondering myself what kind of answer he was going to give. He was talking about the fire and how hot it was and how bright it was and how you could see to get around in the dark with its brightness, I noticed while he was stoking the fire that he got a big piece of coal or burning wood and scouted it over to the side. He started comparing that piece coal with the rest of the wood that was in the fire. Then he told us that just like the wood is to the fire we as Christians are to the church, for the church is not the building but it is the people. Then he asked what is happening to that piece of coal that I removed from the fire. Of course they all said it is getting cool and going dark, exactly he said and that is what happens when a Christian tries to go off on his on thinking he can worship God and praise him by himself, for satin will start telling him see you can do all right by yourself you don’ need those other people to worship God and before you know it you haven’t opened your bible or even thought about worshiping God. He walked over and shoved the peace of coal back into the fire and we watched it as it started glowing and burning again and he said again when you truly belong to God and you have wondered away that when you get back into the fellowship with your other believers it won’t be long before you are back on fire for Him.

So if you have fallen away from your local church of believers and you realize you have gotten away from your God thin get up and get back in there and watch what God will do for you.


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