Two Youngest Grandkids at Mama & Papa’s House

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My two youngest grandkids came over to play today. Riley 5 and Noah 3 wanted to come and play, so far we have played cars, that is where either mama gets in the flour or papa stays in his chair and we get the hot wheels out and have races. Riley and I have told rime jokes as he calls it, it is not really a joke it is just saying something that rimes rather if it makes any sense or not. We have watched cartoons on the TV, had snacks, mama has baked a cake and is now outside playing whatever they can come up with. As I am writing this short blog both boys came in and said that since I am a mechanic that I need to fix the old blue metal pickup and the metal ambulance so I picked them up made air impact noises all over them and said ok there fixed and away they went happy as a lark and told there mama that papa has fixed them. With these two I know now why God want’s the young people to have kids. I highly respect any grand parent who raises their grandkids for it is definitely hard work. I have had my grandkids fix for we just got back from seeing the two oldest grandkids down by Houston and now these two youngest ones here at home, never a dull moment I love it.


5 thoughts on “Two Youngest Grandkids at Mama & Papa’s House

    • Yes we are very blessed for they are all ways asking if they can come to mama and papa’s house. I think it is due to mama making treats, the toys we have for them to play with and the fact we do play with them.


  1. Hey! I can’t wait to be a grandparent…I mean, it’s not like I’m racing past parenthood, but I sure hope everyone is in good health by the time I’m a grandparent so I can fully enjoy it! Everything is headed in the right direction so far, hopefully it will stay that way!!


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