Twelve hours

A shot of downtown Amarillo, Texas, U.S.A.

A shot of downtown Amarillo, Texas, U.S.A. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Houston Skyline

Houston Skyline (Photo credit: seoulpolaris)

We left home yesterday morning and drove to Houston Texas from Amarillo Texas. We left the house at 6:00am heading for Houston and the Garmin said we should arrive around 3:30pm and that is if we did not stop anywhere in between. Of course being that we are not as young as we used to be you know we had to have a potty break or two or three and may be get a bite to eat. Well we hit Houston about 4:15 and 35 miles and two hours later around 6:15 pm we arrived at our motel, that was two hours of stop and go mostly stop to get to the motel. We had the camera put up so I did not get any exciting pictures of our traffic ordeal, now I know a lot of you may live in a big city and deal with this kind of traffic all the time. The city of Amarillo only has a population of almost 200,000 thousand people and our five o’clock traffic might last about 20 or 30 minutes so you can see why I don’t like to drive in big city traffic.


One thought on “Twelve hours

  1. I try my utmost to avoid city traffic – suffice to say that I even found a job, with which I’m very happy, in the place to and from where I drive against or in the opposite direction of rush hour traffic. And every morning as I drive to work, see kilometers upon kilometers of cars banged up against each other moving at snail-pace or patiently waiting for the moment when they can roll forward another meter, I smile and say: “Oh, you poor buggers, couldn’t do that any more if you paid me”. 🙂


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