Grand Puppy setting.

Well over the last few months we have been down to Houston Texas to see the kids and grand kids  We have had the two younger grand kids over to mama and papa house. Now we are visiting our daughter and I have the hard job of watching the grand puppies. It is a hard job but someone has to do it and besides it is whole lot better than shopping. If you noticed there are three dogs, well the two on the couch are the grand puppies, the white one is Emma, the dark brown one is Jack and they have a friend over named Max. The two bassets hounds are doing P1080042 P1080041what they do best so Max just gives up trying to get them to play and so he joins them in napping.


First mowing of 2013

My wife is so wonderful to me, more than any woman should be. I used to fuss over the yard for years trying to keep it mowed and looking sharp. But the job I had for years, standing on concrete flours and working on heavy equipment finely took a toll on my back, legs, knees, and hips. I would try to keep up the yard but I would have to stop and let my back rest then get out and mow some more, I would have to do this several times before I would finish the yard. The last couple P1080039 P1080040of years Charlotte has taken it over she even went out and bought her a battery operated lawn mower because she was afraid of the gasoline mowers. When I try to mow now she tells me no that this is how she gets her exercise and away she would go, wow you just have to love a woman like that. and I know she loves me because she has put up with me now for 47 years now.

Making Friends after the War

DAYTON, Ohio -- Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 at th...

DAYTON, Ohio — Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo) High-resolution image of a Bf-109, a German WWII fighter aircraft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Boeing B-17E in flight. (U.S. Air For...

English: Boeing B-17E in flight. (U.S. Air Force photo) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Both of the stories are true but they will be told by second-hand information and they both end with happy endings.

Both of these took place over Germany during WW II, the first one was a POW who was captured after he was shot down somewhere over Germany. I found out about this when I went to his funeral and heard his kids talk about what all happened. Jack bailed out of his plane somewhere over Germany; he had been hurt badly and burned from the flames after kicking the door open and jumping through the flames. When he landed on the ground a farm girl had seen him and ran to where he was and seeing he was hurt tried to get him to follow her but they did not understand each other, after a little bit the girl heard her farther coming so she hid for her father was a German soldier and he had another soldier with him. They reached Jack and picked him up and started dragging him off, he could hear them arguing about if they should go ahead a kill him or take him prisoner. Jack lived through his ordeal although not without lots of pain, and when the war was over he made it back home.

It was several years later his family was asked if they would take in a foreign exchange student from Germany, at first Jack said no, he did not want to have someone from Germany staying at his house. Someone from his church talked with him and explained that there just was not too many people willing to take any exchange student and would he please consider giving this young man a chance. Jack decided to go ahead and take the kid in and they did hit it off and became good friends. After the year was up the young man had to go back home to Germany and invited Jack and his family to come a visit. Jack had a chance to go so he and his family went over to visit and Jack met the young man’s folks. Come to find out his dad was a German air man and was shot down and captured by some American soldiers so they were both POW’s at the same time. They got to talking with each other and they also became good friends.

The second story I was just informed about it yesterday by a friend who was telling about a B-17 Pilot who was flying low over Germany, when he flew over an enemy air field where a pilot of a German ME-109 was told to take off and go shoot the B-17 down. After he caught up with the plane and was getting ready to shoot it down he could see that the plane was badly damaged and the rear gunner was it bad shape. So he decided to fly up beside the B-17 he could see that one engine was not working and the plane was riddled with bullet holes, he got up to where he could see the pilot of the B-17 and how scared he looked as he noticed the German plane next to him. The B-17 pilot had no idea where he was at for his interments had been shot up and was not working. The German pilot motioned for him to turn the plane around and then led him out to sea toward England and then the German peeled away and returned back to Germany.

Several years later the pilot of the B-17 started looking to find the German pilot, so he could thank him and finely found out that the German man only lived 200 miles from him in Canada. They got together and became good friends. I became interested in this story so I looked it up and found that it is a true story, so I am adding a link to it and it is well worth reading.

Saint Patrick day Baby 1970

Web, newsI want to wish my girl a very happy birth day and let her know that ever since she has been born I have had the luck of the Irish with me all the time.

Forty three years ago today I became a farther to a beautiful baby girl. That was one of the happiest days of my life except I did not find out until sometime the next day after she was born. Ok let me explain I guess it started back in August of Ce at 4 weeks1966 we have been married for a year, before we started trying to have kids. But it was beginning to look like it was not to be, for we tried everything the doctors suggested and we both had checkups to see if it was either one of us that might be the problem and we were both told that we should be able to make kiddos. We had even been talking about adopting a child but we could not afford it for I was working as a truck driver not making a lot of money so we even gave up on that idea. In August of 1968 I was called up to go in the military so I joined the navy. Off to boot camp I went and we really could not afford this either but of course I had no choice in the matter and Charlotte and I had not been apart except for working since we were married. After 10 weeks in boot camp I was able to come home for a little brake before I went to Vietnam to catch my ship. I was gone from home this time about eight months before coming back to the states, Charlotte met the ship as it docked in San Diego, well let’s just say 8 months is a long time to be away from the love of your life if you get my drift. The ship was in San Diego for a few months and then we loaded wives and cars on board and the ship headed for Bremerton Washington for dry dock and while we were there we found out that we were pregnant.Green Clovers

Now back to finding out that I had a daughter the day after she was born. The ship had gone to Hawaii and while we were there I had gone on liberty to look over the island and I had gotten lost. I was supposed to call Charlotte but it took me awhile to get back to the ship and when I called her she was being a little short with me and I was not sure why, I figured it was because I did not call when I was supposed to and the fact with time zones it was pretty late back in Texas. The ship pulled out on March 17 1970 heading toward the Philippines; we had been out at sea for quiet awhile when I got a telegram from the Red Cross telling me I was the proud father of a baby girl. When the mail finely caught up with the ship I received a picture of my daughter and an explanation why Charlotte was so short with me that night she was in labor and she did not want me to worry about her.

How a Christians is like a Campfire?


I cannot imagine what you are thinking of when you read this title. Several years ago when my children were in Royal Ambassadors which is sort of like boy scouts except this is totally for kids and youth in a Baptist church. It comes from 2 Corinthians 5:20 20 Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. We were camping down at the Baptist camp grounds just south of Amarillo Texas and we were setting around the campfire after dark telling stories and talking about what all we had learned from the bible that day.

We had a young man asked the question; can’t we worship God and praise Him without having to go to church? That was a great question and several others wanted to know the answer to that question. One of the dads that was there helping with our camp out said can I answer that question and of course we told him to go ahead. I was wondering myself what kind of answer he was going to give. He was talking about the fire and how hot it was and how bright it was and how you could see to get around in the dark with its brightness, I noticed while he was stoking the fire that he got a big piece of coal or burning wood and scouted it over to the side. He started comparing that piece coal with the rest of the wood that was in the fire. Then he told us that just like the wood is to the fire we as Christians are to the church, for the church is not the building but it is the people. Then he asked what is happening to that piece of coal that I removed from the fire. Of course they all said it is getting cool and going dark, exactly he said and that is what happens when a Christian tries to go off on his on thinking he can worship God and praise him by himself, for satin will start telling him see you can do all right by yourself you don’ need those other people to worship God and before you know it you haven’t opened your bible or even thought about worshiping God. He walked over and shoved the peace of coal back into the fire and we watched it as it started glowing and burning again and he said again when you truly belong to God and you have wondered away that when you get back into the fellowship with your other believers it won’t be long before you are back on fire for Him.

So if you have fallen away from your local church of believers and you realize you have gotten away from your God thin get up and get back in there and watch what God will do for you.

Two Youngest Grandkids at Mama & Papa’s House

P1080036 P1080037

My two youngest grandkids came over to play today. Riley 5 and Noah 3 wanted to come and play, so far we have played cars, that is where either mama gets in the flour or papa stays in his chair and we get the hot wheels out and have races. Riley and I have told rime jokes as he calls it, it is not really a joke it is just saying something that rimes rather if it makes any sense or not. We have watched cartoons on the TV, had snacks, mama has baked a cake and is now outside playing whatever they can come up with. As I am writing this short blog both boys came in and said that since I am a mechanic that I need to fix the old blue metal pickup and the metal ambulance so I picked them up made air impact noises all over them and said ok there fixed and away they went happy as a lark and told there mama that papa has fixed them. With these two I know now why God want’s the young people to have kids. I highly respect any grand parent who raises their grandkids for it is definitely hard work. I have had my grandkids fix for we just got back from seeing the two oldest grandkids down by Houston and now these two youngest ones here at home, never a dull moment I love it.

Water Polo

P1070994 P1070999

While we are visiting our kids and grandkids down near Houston we watched our freshman in high school playing water polo. For being a freshman he got to play on the varsity team and the seniors made him feel like a member of the team instead of making him feel like a rookie. I have a lot more admiration for the players watching them swim back and forth the length of the pool tossing and catching the ball while never touching bottom. My oldest Grandson was supposed to play in some La Cross games but last week he had taken a hit in the head with the stick so he could not play plus he totaled his pick up and banged his head again so he cannot play until he is released by a doctor. His girlfriend broke her wrist and has to wear a cast for a while I am just parsing God that neither one was hurt very bad.

Twelve hours

A shot of downtown Amarillo, Texas, U.S.A.

A shot of downtown Amarillo, Texas, U.S.A. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Houston Skyline

Houston Skyline (Photo credit: seoulpolaris)

We left home yesterday morning and drove to Houston Texas from Amarillo Texas. We left the house at 6:00am heading for Houston and the Garmin said we should arrive around 3:30pm and that is if we did not stop anywhere in between. Of course being that we are not as young as we used to be you know we had to have a potty break or two or three and may be get a bite to eat. Well we hit Houston about 4:15 and 35 miles and two hours later around 6:15 pm we arrived at our motel, that was two hours of stop and go mostly stop to get to the motel. We had the camera put up so I did not get any exciting pictures of our traffic ordeal, now I know a lot of you may live in a big city and deal with this kind of traffic all the time. The city of Amarillo only has a population of almost 200,000 thousand people and our five o’clock traffic might last about 20 or 30 minutes so you can see why I don’t like to drive in big city traffic.

One week after the blizzard


Day of the blizzard


One week to the day after the Blizzard

Well the blizzard was one week ago today and we had received 19’ of snow which is the second biggest amount that we have received since back in March of 1934. All we have left here at the house is a little bit remaining where we had the biggest drifts. And around town we will have the piles left where the front end loaders piled it up out of the parking lots and streets. I also noticed where for one day the lake came up maybe and inch and it is now falling again. This is what is great about living in the Texas Panhandle. We just need a lot more rain to break the drought.