Make a Joy full noise to the Lord

I was reminded tonight about what my oldest grandson told me a few years back. I am always singing around the house and my wife who knows music in fact she plays in the symphony here in Amarillo, any way she is always telling me that I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. It is true I can’t even read music so when I sing at church I try to follow along with whoever I am sitting next to which is usually my wife. I was reading in Psalm where it says make a joy full noise to the Lord, in fact I found at least 7 references about it and in Psalm 81:1 it says sing aloud unto God our strength: make a joy full noise  unto the God of Jacob. I take that to say it all sounds good to God. Any way to make a long story short, one day at church my grandson was standing next to me and I was just singing away with the music when Caleb said Poppy now I know why Mama says you can’t sing. Well I might not be able to sing but I do not let that stop me, for when I fill like singing I just bellow it out.


9 thoughts on “Make a Joy full noise to the Lord

  1. My husband also can’t sing very well, but he always sings very loud at church….
    And he sometimes asks me why I sing very quietly, hahaha….I think I don’t have the courage to sing loudly at church, that’s why I appreciate people who sing with all their voice.
    I believe God appreciates us just the way it is because he is the creator of our voice.


    • Thank you for your comment and for reading my blog. I do love to sing to the lord but thank God that there are enough people at church so I just kind of blend in unless you are sitting right next to me. I have had people ask why don’t I sing in the choir and my usual answer is I have tried and I keep getting kicked out. No all kidding aside I can’t read music and the choir usually sing specials that have a music folder, and I am just as happy to be in the audience. Have a very Blessed day


  2. Keep on singing! It’s for the Lord and it comes from your heart…remember David dancing naked, or near to naked out of joy for the Lord? He didn’t give a hoot about anybody else’s opinion but God’s…and that’s just singin’ you’re doin’! 🙂 (don’t get any ideas now please…)

    To be honest, I can’t carry a tune as well but I just keep on singing…for Him!



  3. I got a good grin out of this post, I’m not much of a singer either. I hope that you both have a good week ahead, Gods blessings to you and yours Brother (in Christ Jesus name).—Shalom


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