Day after the Blizzard

Blizzard HRCC

I did not take this picture but it is of the church I go to Hollywood Road Comunity Church


Well here is the day after the blizzard of 2013 here in Amarillo Texas. The weather station reported that out by the National weather service which is located NE of town out by the airport received 19” of snow and the wind gust at one time was hurricane force wind at 75 MPH. In fact where I used to work at which was located about 30 miles from my house the wind blew at 77 mph. The Temp as of 12:00 noon today is at 32 degrees and the Sun is shining bright so now this wonderful water can thaw and soak into our thirsty ground. In fact they said with all this melted down will be about 1 ½” of moisture which puts us a head for moisture for this time of year and that is a first in quiet sometime.


In the back yard


Down the back side of the house


Accross the front yard to the neighbors house


Down the drive way


Accross the street

7 thoughts on “Day after the Blizzard

  1. I was there just last week and there were huge puddles of water everywhere. I am glad I didn’t have to be there in the storm. I am glad you are all okay.
    Take Care.


    • It’s is great to here from you and would like to have met with you in person while you were here. It’s a good thing you were not here during the storm though are you would have been stuck here for a day or two for all the roads and flights in and out of Amarillo were shut down, in fact there were some people that came in on a Greyhound bus who spent 3 or 4 days here and they were not happy people.


    • Thank you. So far this winter we have had about 4″ of snow and are temps have in the single digets a few times. We rilly do need the moisture, but i would rather it be rain. Have a blessed New Year.

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