Second Trip after Retirement Part Twelve

This will be the last blog about our second trip, I have truly enjoyed writing and shearing the photos and it helped me relive the trip again. After leaving Pella P1070402 Iowa State Captialwe headed toward Des Moines Iowa where we had lunch down town at the Old Spaghetti Works it was great then we drove to the State Capital it is a beautiful building and grounds. After words we talked about how close we are to the bridges of Madison county which we had read the book with the same name. So I suggested we are this close we might as well go and look them over so she put it into the Garmin and a way we went.

P1070391 P1070393 P1070397 P1070398 P1070401 Polk County Court House P1070403 View of down town from the State Captial Iowa P1070404 P1070405 Inside the State Captial P1070407 Inside the Iowa State Captial P1070408 The dome from inside the Iowa State Captial P1070409 P1070411 Iowa State Capital P1070412 Iowa State Captial

We drove to Winterset Iowa where the bridges or close by. We went to the information bureau where we picked up some info about the bridges, there is only one that you can drive over so we went out to it and drove over the bridge. We drove around town and we found something that I never knew aboP1070415 John Wayne (The Duke) Birth Place Homeut the duke you know John Wayne. He was born as Marion Morrison on May 26 1907 in Winterset Iowa. We drove by the house and the whole yard was full of American flags there was no place to park for the city was working on the roads so Charlotte just took a picture as we were driving by.  we decided after this that we would head for our daughters house in Kansas where we stayed a few days before heading back home.

P1070414 Cedar Covered Bridge the only one that can be driven over P1070416 In Winterset Iowa P1070417 Howlliwell Bridge P1070418 Howlliwell Covered Bridge near Winterset Iowa P1070419 Looking through Imes Bridge P1070422 Imes Covered Bridge in St Charles Iowa

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