Second Trip after Retirement Part Eleven E

I had never heard of a Klokkenspel until Charlotte wanted to see this one. It is a tower looking structure with windows on both sides; the windows have curtains so you can’t see inside. At a preset time bells will start ringing out P1070274 The bells that ringmusic in a certain theme and one of the curtains will open and behind it different characters will move around, and this will happen eight different times with eight different themes. This is set up to happen four different times a day, when it starts you watch it on one side and after the fourth one does its thing then you move to the other side to watch the other four. The link will take you to the Pella web site and there is a YouTube of the Klokkenspel you can watch.

P1070247 The S shaped benches represent the Dutch pastery treet, you can set on these while watching the Klokkenspel ?????????????????????????? P1070258 P1070259 Was in the squar where the Klokkenspel is located there is a shop next door P1070376 P1070377 P1070378 P1070379 P1070380 P1070382 P1070383 P1070384 P1070385 P1070386 P1070387 P1070388 P1070389 P1070390


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