Second Trip after Retirement Part Eleven C

P1070320 Pair of wooded shoes P1070336 Leave your shoes at the doorAfter going outside in the courtyard area they have several display shops set up with very old equipment, and there is a lathe set up showing how they make wooden shoes. In fact when the tulip festival is going on a lot of the locals wear wood shoes and they say that you can hear the clumping all over town. We were also told that the shoes come in two sizes adult and kid, they say you have to stuff the shoe with something to help it fit and so that is why they don’t wear them very often.

P1070334 P1070338 P1070339 P1070340 P1070341 P1070342 P1070343 P1070344 P1070345 P1070347 P1070349 P1070351 P1070352 P1070353 P1070355 P1070356 P1070357 Muscal insterments P1070358 P1070360 P1070361 P1070362 Wooden shoes P1070363 Making wooden shoes P1070364 P1070371 P1070372 Old genral store P1070373 Old operaitor phone systom P1070374 An old libaryP1070335


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