Second Trip after Retirement Part Eleven

P1070243 P1070263We picked up an Iowa magazine when we came into Iowa at the tourist bureau and after looking at it we noticed a town that once a year had a tulip festival. Of course it wasn’t the time of year for it but the article also mentioned that the town was Dutch and of course it had windmills. We called ahead and booked us a room, and when we arrived we checkedP1070260 into our room and then drove around town and discovered this was a beautiful town and all the buildings have a Dutch look about them. We went to a Baptist church down town it felt good to go and worship with other believers of Christ, it revived us for it seemed like it had been forever since we had been to church even though it had only been a week. After church it was time to eat and we spotted a Mexican food restraint, we haven’t had Mexican food in a while so we decided to eat there. It was good but nothing like what we have back home, after eating we saw a little ice cream shop across the street so we decided to get us one. I ordered a blueberry shake and Charlotte saw a shake that had Dutch letters in it so she asked what is a Dutch letter, it is a pastry in the shape of an S that has almond paste in it so she ordered her one of those and loved it. Here or some pictures of the town Charlotte got trigger happy here and took over 100 pictures, and no I will not post all of the pictures, but I will break it down into segments and post some of them separately.P1070244 P1070248 P1070250 P1070251 P1070252 P1070253 Draw bridge just for looks P1070261 P1070264 P1070266 P1070267 P1070275 P1070276 P1070284 P1070286 P1070299


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