Second Trip after Retirement Part Eleven A

P1070281This morning as we are still in Pella Iowa and after we got up and around we went down town to the bakery and looked around for they also had a gift shop next to the bakery and you could go to either one from the inside. Charlotte found these ceramic windmills that could be hung on the Christmas tree so she bought one for each of our three kids and one for herself. After wards we went to the only working windmill that was located downtown also in fact they ground wheat into flour both wheat and white for the two bakeries in town plus to the public. You can take guided tours of the windmill which is what we did and it was quiet interesting. The windmill was attached to the museum so we took an elevator up to the level where the blades P1070303 Climing blades to let out canvasof the windmill are located. They had just opened and so there was a man who was getting the blades ready to turn, he has to turn the blades by hand with a wheel until one of the four blades is pointing down, then he locked the blades where they can’t turn climbs up the blade unfurling just enough canvas to catch the wind, it depends on how much wind is blowing to how much canvas to let out. He has to do this four times once with each blade, and if the wind picks up our dies down he will have to do it again. After that we went inside where the grinding wheel is P1070308 Grinding stonelocated and we were told how that works, there are several trap doors that can be opened on each floor so the wheat can be brought up to be ground and the flour lowered down to the delivery truck. The guide told us that most windmills are not this tall but they had to build this one tall so it could catch the wind over the buildings around the windmill which makes since for if it was out in and open field it would only need to be tall enough for the blades to clear the ground.

P1070277 P1070278 P1070279 P1070285 P1070300 P1070301 P1070302 Wheel and brakes to turn blades so he can unfural canvas P1070304 Ladder to top gears P1070305 P1070306 Flour beeing baged P1070307 Hopper taking wheat to the grinding stone P1070309 Cog wheels turning grinding stone P1070310 P1070311 Where the finished product comes out and baged P1070312 P1070313 P1070316 P1070317 Potbelly Stove in the living area P1070318 Stove inside the windmill P1070319 Kitchen inside the windmill


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