Gallery: Second Trip after Retirement Part Ten

P1070188 P1070189 Herbert Hoovers HomeWe decided after looking at Taylors Falls to head on south back into Iowa so here again Charlotte was looking at the AAA book on things to see and do in Iowa and she read about President Herbert Hoover and that his birth place was in Iowa. So we discussed how we rely knew very little about him so we decided to go there and look it over. When we got there we were hungry and was looking for a place to eat of course not being familiar with the area we saw a Quiznos sub sandwiches that was affiliated with a gas station and pulled into eat, after words we drove over to the place where Herbert Hoover was born, guess what it was on the edge of town called West Branch where there were several places to eat. We found that he was the first president born west of the Mississippi River, and that his dad was a blacksmith and died at a young age, his mother also died verily young age when Herbert Hoover was nine years old were then he was separated from his siblings and went to live with his aunt and uncle in Oregon never to return until he died and was buried on a hill overlooking his home. It was very interesting walking through the historical village and seeing how things were back in those days.

P1060885 Back porch and door to storm shelter hoovers home P1060901 P1070192 Home Herbert Hoover was borned in P1070193 P1070195 P1070196 Childrens bed P1070197 Dinning area in Hoovers home, did not notice the water bottle that the ranger left setting there. P1070199 P1070200 Kitchen off the back porch Hoovers home P1070202 Jesse Hoover Blacksmith shop P1070206 Blacksmith shop P1070207 Jesse Hoover black smith shop P1070208 P1070209 P1070210 P1070212 P1070213 Pot belly stove to warm the school P1070215 School P1070216 School desk P1070219 P1070221 P1070223 P1070224 P1070227 P1070229 P1070230 Church and meeting hall P1070231 P1070232 Isis the goddis of life P1070234 P1070235 Going into President Hoover Museum P1070236 Going into President Hoover Museum P1070238 Paesidental china for Hoover P1070240 Grave sight P1070241 President Herbert Hoover and his wifes grave


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