Second Trip after Retirement Part Nine

P1060902 Taylors Falls QueenAfter eating a great breakfast we drove around the entire park it was big and beautiful. After we made it back to the cabin we decided to head out so we loaded up and checked out. We figured we would just start out heading south and SE back toward Minneapolis Minnesota. As we worked our way towards Minneapolis, Charlotte read about a place called Taylors Falls where years ago the ST Croix River was running so fast that it created whirlpools in the river and these whirlpools cut deep glacial glacial potholepotholes in the rock which now holds water like a bowl. It is located inside the Interstate State Park one side is in Minnesota and the other side is in Wisconsin.

P1070148 P1070152 P1070153 P1070154 P1070155 P1070157 P1070160 glacial pothole P1070162 glacial pothole P1070163 P1070165 P1070166 P1070172 P1070173 P1070174 P1070175 P1070176 St Croix River P1070179 P1070181 P1070182 P1070183


2 thoughts on “Second Trip after Retirement Part Nine

  1. Nice piece. When I take my road trip can Charlotte come along with me and do the navigation? She always gets you to some neat places.
    Take Care.


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