Gallery: Second Trip after Retirement Part Eight

After leaving Duluth we headed toward Itasca State Park, there was no straight drive to it so we had to sig sag across on smaller roads and as luck would have it the roads were under repair. Oh well we are retired so there is no reason to hurry so we enjoyed seeing the landscape. Minnesota is called the land of lakes and that is true we were always seeing little bodies of water around in fact some of them we would call ponds at home but I guess here they are called lakes. Charlotte was reading up on Itasca and saw that the park has cabins so we decided to call and see if they had any empty for the night and they said they were full, so we decided we would go to the park and look it over then go to one of the towns around the park and get a room. We got toP1070065 heading into the park the park paid to get in then went to the visitor’s center to get a map of the park and go to the potty plus pickup something to drink. While Charlotte was talking with the ranger at the desk she thought that she would ask one more time about the cabins and the ranger said that she thought she had one opened so she called up to the lodge and asked, they told her that one just opened up so we took it. We feel the good Lord fixed this for us P1070073 The cabinbecause the cabin was perfect and right on the lake, it was completely furnished and was cleaner than most motels we have stayed in. We had lunch up at the lodge, the prices weren’t bad and the food was great plus we had a blueberry shake for desert, after eating we drove around the lake to where the Mississippi river head waters is located and after a little walk we came to it and it looked P1070075 Head waters for the Mississippi Riverjust as my friend had described it, and of course Charlotte had to wade across it. I called my friend back in Texas and asked him to guess where we were and he knew for why else would I be calling him from our trip. Afterwards we drove back to the cabin and just relaxed it was so peaceful and quiet. The next morning we went up to lodge for some free coffee that they served before the diner opened for breakfast. I was visiting with a man who was from the St Paul Minnesota area and so I asked him why they had such a big indoor amusement park in the mall, he said I can tell you are not from around here because you have evidently never spent a winter up here for the kids and adults need to have something to do and then it made sense to me. After eating a great breakfast we drove around the entire park it is big and beautiful.

P1060903 In front of the lodge P1070067 Just behind the Cabin P1070068 P1070069 P1070071 P1070072 P1070076 P1070077 Charlotte wading in accross the river P1070079 P1070082 Mighty Mississippi River ?????????????????????????????????? P1070090 Standing over the Mississippi River P1070094 P1070096 P1070103 P1070106 ????????????????????????? P1070113 Looking out the window of the restraunt at the lodge P1070116 Lobby at the lodge P1070117 At the Lodge P1070121 Our cabin by the lake P1070126 Was built by the CCC P1070135 Charlotte with the wight Pine P1070137 Wight Pine Tree P1070143 P1070145 The only bear we saw on the whole trip P1070146


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