Second Trip after Retirement Part Six

P1070544 Walking path P1070543 Mushrooms P1070540 Walking path

After leaving Grand Portage National Park we drove on to the Canadian border where the Portage State park was located and you either had to pull into the park or make a U-turn for if you kept going straight you would be at the border crossing into Canada. This was a beautiful park and when you walked to the P1060905waterfall it was about a mile walk, I wanted to see it also but because of my feet and back I had to stop several P1070547 Portage State Park water falls left side USA right side Canadatimes so I finely told Charlotte to go on ahead and I would wait on her, so she went on ahead. After a little bit I started walking on toward the falls and I made it there just about the time she was starting to come back but I did get to see the falls. While I was setting and looking at the falls we discussed about going into Canada and then Charlotte said will our Medicare cover us in another country for before I was always working and my Job insurance would cover us. I said I am not sure because I had only been retired for four months and had not given it any thought, so we decided not to go into Canada.

P1070565 Falls in Portage State park P1070560 P1070559 P1070554

We got back to the car and headed south back to Duluth and on the way back we had seen and missed going to see this light house so we looked for it on the way back. It was called Split Rock State Park and it was located close to P1070569 Overlook P1070570 Look at Lake Superior P1070571 View from an overlookTwo Harbors. On the way I noticed this overlook that I had messed on the way up so I pulled in and it was gorgeous looking out over the lake. We pulled in at the state park and drove around but we just could not get a good view of the light house so we parked and walked to this rocky beach and once we clearedP1070578 Split Rock Lighthouse P1070580 Split Rock Lighthouse the trees there it was another gorgeous view. After leaving the lighthouse we drove on into Duluth and spent the night. Oh by the way Parts four, five, and six all happened in one day.


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