Gallery: Second Trip after Retirement Part Seven

P1070425 P1070426That night we discussed where we would like to go next, we talked about driving across Minnesota to North Dakota just to say we had been in another state that we had not been in before and then drive south toward home. We went over to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner and while we were eating I told Charlotte that are friend Charles from back home was telling me about a lake at Itasca State Park and how that is where the mighty Mississippi river starts from and that you can acutely walk across it. The next morning we decided we had not spent much time in Wisconsin so we found a P1070429 P1070433 Water Fall in Pattison State Parkstate park not too far from Superior Wisconsin called Pattison State park it is located at Interfalls Lake so we drove over to look around. When we got there and parked there was no one else around the water falls so we had it too our self’s. There was a path leading away from the falls and Charlotte thought she might get better pictures from there so she went down the path; I started to go with her but the path was uneven and had some steep inclines so I stayed up top. She had been gone quit some time so IP1070424 P1070587 P1070588 Pattison State Park was getting a little nervous about it and was just getting ready to start down the path when I saw her coming thank goodness. She told me she went all the way to where the path ended and she never did see the water fall again in fact she could not even hear it just the running water in the littleP1070441 Ship in Duluth river. We went back in to Duluth and drove down by the water front one more time had some lunch and headed out NW toward Itasca.

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