Gallery: Second Trip after Retirement Part Five

P1070477 Lake SuperiorP1070480 Light House B&B P1070483 Light House B&B Two Harbors MNWe was wondering where we wanted to go next and we had talked the night before about going up next to lake Superior to the Canadian border and maybe even cross over into Canada. On the way up we came through a town called Two Harbors we looked around and found a cute Bed and Breakfast which happened to be a light house. Continued on and came upon a state park called Gooseberry Falls State Park so we just whooped in to have a look-see. It was a beauP1070485 Gooseberry Fallstiful park and had P1070488 Gooseberry Fallssome nice hP1070487 Gooseberry Falls

ikeing and bicycle trails, after looking around a bit we drove on. We stopped in a town called Grand Marais MN and had a late lunch   at a place called Sven & Ole’s which is a local place which is located not far from the lake in down town.P1070491 Going into Grand Marais MN P1070492 Sven & Ole;s in Grand Marais MN After leaving Grand Marais we headed north again and after going a good ways we noticed a national park up ahead so we decided to stop, It was called Grand Portage National Park. This was a very informative park and is where the fur traders would stop and trade their furs.

P1070493 Going into the park P1070494 Shot of lake Superior P1070495 In side the welcom center P1070497 P1070498 Home P1070499 Lady dress in the times P1070500 Barn P1070503 P1070505 Bulk supplyes P1070506 Tools to make canoes P1070508 where they made and sold canoes P1070511 Building on the left is the cook house P1070513 Grounds P1070514 Dineing hall, trading post, rooms. P1070515 sine talking about fur press P1070517 Fur press P1070524 where the baker cooked his bread and baked his pies P1070525 I can not remember what the baker called this P1070527 P1070529 Rooms of the time P1070530 Bed of the times P1070531 A trading post of the era P1070532 Fur pelts P1070533 hats and fur pelts of the era P1070535 Building where canoe are made P1070536 P1070538

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