Gallery: Second Trip after Retirement Part Four

After leaving the Mall of America we drove north to Duluth Minnesota crossed over the bridge into Superior Wisconsin where we spent the night. The next morning we drove over to Canal Park and looked around, we were right at P1070023 Lift Bridgethe lift bridge that lifts up when the large ships comes in to Duluth harbor. Also of course there were some shops down there and so yep she had to do some shopping, of course I found a park bench over by the fountain and I will just set and watch the people play in the fountain so I do have it pretty rough, don’t you just feel sorry for me. I really do have feet and back problems which slows me down and that is why most of the time I will hang back and let Charlotte go do what she would like to do and I won’t slow her down. I am sure all she bought was a t-shirt for me, it is like pulling teeth for her to get her something, so when I am with her I try to pay attention to what she looks at for her and if I noticed she really likes something I will wait until she walks off and thin I will get it for her.

P1070025 P1070026 P1070029 P1070033 P1070036 P1070037 South Breakwater Outer Light P1070038 P1070041 North Brealwater light P1070047 Lift Bridge P1070048 P1070049 P1070050 P1070051 Lift bridge P1070053 P1070054 Fountain P1070055 Fountain P1070056 Fountain P1070057 Fountain P1070059 P1070061 P1070063 In Duluth


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