Second Trip after Retirement Part Three

P1060972 Lift bridge Stillwater MN P1060979 P1060980 P1060984 P1060986

We drove on north following the Mississippi river until we reached the town of Stillwater Minnesota where we spent the night. We talked about where we would like to go next and decided on Duluth on Lake Superior. One of Charlotte’s friends back home told her if we get up in this part of the country that she just had to go to the Mall of America, well we were going to be going through the Twin Cities so guess what yep???????????????????????? we had to stop at the mall “Thanks a Lot Charlotte’s friend”. As far as I know I am a typical man who hates shopping, but we did get there early enough that some of the stores were not open yet, Amen to that. I thought everything was big in Texas wow this place was huge, not only are there all these shops but a complete P1060988amusement park built inside, with roller-coaster, a Log ride with a water fall, and I thank there was a huge aquarium underneath all the rides.

P1060989 P1060991 P1060992 P1060993 P1060996 P1060997 My grand kids would love this P1070003 P1070004 P1070008 P1070011 Legos in the mall P1070012 P1070015 P1070017 In the mall of America P1070020 Log ride in the mall of america P1070021


3 thoughts on “Second Trip after Retirement Part Three

    • Thank you for reading and your comment.
      Yes I have and this so far is the last trip untill April and that is only if the good Lord helps me with my health.
      Have a Blessed day


  1. Second Trip after Retirement Part Four – harbin77

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