Second Trip after Retirement Part Two

P1060944 Iowa country side P1060947 Decorah IowaAfter leaving Cresco Iowa we went to a town called Decorah Iowa to look around and then we decided to drive over to the Mississippi River and we went over the river to La Crosse Wisconsin. After looking around and eating lunch we drove back over another bridge to Minnesota and headed north. We stopped at the Lock & Dam number 5 on the Mississippi river because where we live there are no lock and dams for our river does not have enough water in it to wade in let alone float a barge. I knew how it worked because when I was in the navy my ship was in dry-dock which works the same way. It was neat to see how the river was dammed up so that one side was higher than the other so they would have to put the barge and boat into the locks seal both ends pump the water out until the barge was down to the same level as the lowest part of the river open the gate and let the tug and barge out.

P1060909 P1060951 P1060953 P1060954 P1060955 Mississippi River Winiona MN P1060958 Winiona Minnesota P1060959 P1060960 P1060962 Tug and barges just tieing up in the lock P1060963 P1060964 Tug boat P1060965 Tug and Barges going down P1060966 The dam appering over the barge P1060967 Barge ????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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