Gallery: Second Trip after Retirement

Charlotte has been working on here family tree and while looking she found that her great, great, grandfather lived in Iowa and she had never heard that before. So she kept looking and was having some problems for there was at least three Francis Xavier Guyette in this area. We are members of genealogy club here in Amaril??????????????lo that meets in one of our libraries and they suggested we call the library in the town closes to the county he was from. A sweet lady up there e-mailed Charlotte and gave her some information about how the town where he was from only has like three buildings and a cemetery left there but that she might get in touch with an  Immaculate Conception Church in Elma in  ????????????????????????Howard County Iowa. The lady said they had some old records from the town and Lourdes Catholic church. We talked it over and said that ???????????????????????we would like to go north any way for we have not been to Iowa or Minnesota. We drove to our daughters in Kansas, stayed the weekend then when she left for work we headed toward Iowa.

We went to the town of Elma first and went to the church, the lady there was so nice she pulled the records for Lourdes from back in med 1800 and let us go through them and we found an F X Guyette Sr., F X Guyette Jr., and F X Guyette third. The lady gave us the directions to get to the town of Lourdes and when we got there the records that we had copied told us where to look for the graves and we found them.

P1060912 At Lourdes Cementery P1060911 P1060909 P1060908 P1060907 Grave stones P1060906 P1060905 P1060904 P1060901 P1060899 Church at Lourdes Iowa

Afterwards we drove to Cresco this is the town that the library was in that Charlotte had called. We stayed here for a couple of nights while we did some research on her family and we found some written material on them at the library. We are having trouble with F X Guyette Sr. and Charles Guyette they both just seem to disappear at Iowa.

P1060913 P1060914 P1060916 P1060918 P1060919 P1060920 P1060922 P1060923 P1060925 About Guyette family P1060926 P1060927 P1060928 P1060931 P1060933 P1060935 Howard County Court House Iowa P1060937 P1060938 P1060939 Down Town Cresco Iowa P1060942 Monument in Cresco Iowa


2 thoughts on “Gallery: Second Trip after Retirement

  1. Interesting research on the family tree. It is nice that you had the time to go to the actual town and cemetery.
    Thanks for posting the info, nice pictures.
    Take Care.


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