Gallery: First Trip after Retirement Part Twelve

We did not realize that Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky, moved to Indiana as a boy where he grew up before moving to Illinois. Also learning that twice as a young boy he could have died and would never have become president of the United States, once when he was with his farther when he was killed and once when he almost drowned. We visited his home in Springfield Illinois several years ago, so when we found out that he also lived in Indiana we decided to drive up there and look it over so I entered Lincoln City ID in the Garmin and headed there.

P1060708 P1060709 Wall of Murals P1060713 Adverstment for lincoln P1060714 Picture of Lincoln P1060715 Drawing of Abe Lincoln P1060717 Built by Abes dad P1060718 Grav stone of Sara Lincoln P1060720 Picture of a young Lincoln P1060722 Picture at Lincoln second Ingaugural P1060723 Picture of Abe P1060725 Portrait of Nancy Lincoln P1060727 P1060728 Washington 1861-1865 Mural P1060730 Illinois 1830-1861 Mural P1060732 Indiana 1816-1830 Mural P1060733 Kentucky 1809-1816 Mural P1060738 Nancy Hanks Lincoln grave P1060739 Abe Lincoln Mothers Grave


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