Gallery: First Trip after Retirement Part Thirteen

P1060750 Arch in St Louis MOAfter leaving Lincoln City we headed west through Illinois to St Louis MO, we decided to stop and spend the night just on the other side of St Louis in a town called St Charles MO. After reading up on St Charles we discovered that this was where the first state Capital was located and also Lewis and Clark worked out of this area. After sight seeing we headed west across Missouri in to Kansas where our daughter lives, we state with her several days and then on home to Amarillo ending a 4000 something mile 14 state trip.

P1060827 P1060819 P1060812 P1060809 This trail was and old railroad track that has been removed and it goes for severial miles P1060807 P1060800 P1060798 P1060796 P1060795 P1060792 P1060790 P1060787 P1060786 P1060783 P1060782 P1060779 P1060775 P1060771 P1060766 P1060765 P1060764 P1060763 P1060762 P1060761 P1060759


2 thoughts on “Gallery: First Trip after Retirement Part Thirteen

  1. Great photos. I always wanted to make such a trip and take photos of state capitol buildings and put together a book with all those buildings. Maybe someday I will drive to your house and take photos of the photos that you took…With all your travels you probably have town halls or such buildings which you should put in a book. Just a thought.
    Thanks for the post.
    Take Care.


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