Gallery: First Trip after Retirement Part Eleven

.P1060605 Bridge going over the Ohio River P1060610 P1060611 P1060612 Ohio River P1060614 Ohio River

After leaving Charleston WV we headed toward Lexington Kentucky as we were driving and coming into Huntington we noticed that Ohio was just across the river so we drove over just to say we were in another state. Then back over the bridge and on towards Lexington. While on the way Charlotte was reading in the AAA book and saw that President Lincoln birth place was not too far away from a little town called Hodgenville KY. We set the Garmin for Hodgenville; it is a pretty little town with a roundabout in the center of town, which has two Statues one of Abe Lincoln setting and one of him as a boy setting on a log reading a book. Then we went about three miles south to where he was born, the park was very informative, there was a replica of his home inside of building to keep it out of the weather. The museum had a lot of artifacts and statue of his family and his mother was holding Abe as a baby. We were told that his dad had bought this land but someone contested it and he lost it and they had to move and Abe was two and half years old. They moved to Knob Creek where he lived until he was eight years old and while playing he almost drowned in the creek but a young boy he was playing with saved his life. This is also where Abe Lincoln saw a slave for the first time as they are taken south to be sold. After this they moved to Spencer County Indiana.

P1060623 Bust of Lincoln P1060626 Abes mothers Inn P1060627 Building over the log cabin from bottom of steps P1060629 Building over the log cabin P1060632 Dripping Spring P1060636 The dripping spring P1060638 Comming up from the dripping spring at birth place P1060644 Lincoln in Hodgebville P1060647 Abe as a boy in Hodgenville P1060654 Wooded area near home P1060660 P1060661 P1060662 P1060663 P1060664 If you notice the pegs sticking out of the wall is how thee kids would climb in there beds P1060666 In side window latch P1060672 Creek uesd to have more water but this is the spot where he almost drowend P1060676 Garden at Lincoln boy hood home at Knob Creek


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