Gallery: First Trip after Retirement Part Ten

After eating and then driving around in Cumberland we headed out toward Charleston WV. We drove for a ways and Charlotte was looking for a place to spend the night plus we wanted to go to church for it was Sunday and we missed going in the morniP1060546 Just before getting into Clarksburgng because that would have meant we could not leave out of Winchester until noon or so. Charlotte fond a place in Clarksburg so we drove there to the motel, we freshened up and looked up a church that had an evening service. After church we found a Panera to eaP1060549 at Panerat at it was a nice place and had a nice patio with a beautiful view so we enjoyed relaxing while eating our sandwich. The next morning we headed for Charleston where we spent some time driving around and looking over the state capital of West Virginia.

P1050991 In Memory of Union Soldier P1060552 Comming into Charleston P1060556 Universty of Charleston P1060558 P1060559 P1060563 P1060564 Stonewall Jackson P1060567 P1060571 Abe P1060572 Lincoln P1060574 Abraham Lincoln Created the State of WV P1060576 P1060580 P1060585 P1060586P1060587 P1060592 P1060594 Sign about the State Captial P1060595 P1060596 State Captial P1060597 Charleston VA State Captial P1060599

2 thoughts on “Gallery: First Trip after Retirement Part Ten

  1. Your pictures and travel log are great. Thanks for all the work that you’ve put into them. The whole collection will make an interesting book for your family.
    Thanks again.


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