Gallery: First Trip after Retirement Part Seven

The next morning we were up early had breakfast loaded up and we were P1060376 on the road again_edited-1off again. We had discussed going into Washington DC but for the second time in my life time decided against it ( I will be going to DC this spring 2013). Charlotte had read about a town called Winchester VA being a great town to retire in so we decided to drive up to it. As we were driving again she was just looking through the AAA book and she was reading about Berkley Plantation where Benjamin Harrison and also President William Harrison was born, this also was the home of the first Thanksgiving and where Taps was written and played on a bugle. There was no big highway to drive on until we would get to Williamsburg but since we decided to go to the plantation we continued on smaller roads, it was slower driving but a whole lot prettier.

P1060389 Front of the house P1060392 When house was built P1060394 Cannon ball in wall P1060396 Abe Lincon visits P1060397 Side of the house P1060398 P1060400 Site of the first Thanksgiving P1060400 P1060401 Memorial sign for Taps P1060403 First Tanksgiving was held P1060407 What it says about the youngest boy to recive the Medal of Honor P1060408 Vew from memorial of yougest medal of honor holder_edited-1 P1060410 Markers for the grave yard P1060411 Memorial for the signers of the Declartion of Independence P1060412 Marker for the grave yard P1060414 Plaque for Bejamin Harrison P1060416 Grave stone for farther and mother P1060417 First thinksgiving P1060418 Grounds P1060419 Back of the house


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    • Thank you for flowing my blog and for you comments. I do hope you can go some times I thank you would enjoy the beuity, and History of this great land. Have a blessed day


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