Gallery: First Trip after Retirement Part Eight

After leaving Berkeley Plantation we headed NW toward Charlottesville VA and then North up to Winchester VA. On our drive up to Winchester we drove along the skyways drive in the Shenandoah Park Way this is a beautiful drive and I recommend if you are ever in this part of the United States take a drive through part or all of it, you will not regret it.

P1060421 P1060422 P1060424 P1060426 P1060428 P1060429 P1060431 P1060432 P1060434 P1060435 Lake P1060436 lake in Shenandoah Park Way P1060438 P1060439 Shenandoah Park Way P1060446 Shenandoah Park Way

We reached Winchester and spent the night, when we first got there we went to the visitors center to pick up some info about the town and they were right it is a beautiful town with all kinds of shops and other things to do plus a lot of history. I thank it would be way to could here in the winter time for us for I know back home it gets verily cold it just does not last as long and not as humid.

P1060448 Next to the tourist info center P1060452 Next to the tourist info center P1060453 Tourist info center P1060454 P1060455 P1060456 P1060457 P1060459 P1060462 P1060463 P1060465 P1060467 P1060468 P1060469 P1060470 Statue of George Washington P1060472 Cannon used by George Washington P1060475 Cannon P1060476 Cannon P1060477 Beautiful sun set from the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel in Winchester VA


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