Gallery: First Trip after Retirement Part Six

After we relaxed from lunch we headed on to Portsmouth VA, it is a beautiful town located right on the water across from Norfolk Va. It was late when we arrived so we checked in to the motel, found a place to eat dinner, and then went down to the river walk and just relaxed watching the boats, and ships across the river. Our motel was located in the historic district and the homes were beautiful also the very first naval hospital was about .35 miles from our motel. The next morning we drove over to Norfolk and drove around then we went to Nauticus which is a naval museum and there was a tour boat that took you up the river and back past the Navy Base. We liked the area so much we decided to stay another night and just drive around looking it over; I do not remember how many times we went through the tunnel from Portsmouth to Norfolk and back again.

P1060243 Old Homes P1060244 Old Homes P1060245 Old homes P1060246 Old homes P1060247 Ferry from portsmouth to Norfolk P1060249 Historic homes P1060250 Portsmouth Naval Shipysrds Museum P1060257 Lens P1060262 Norfolk accross the river P1060266 Portsmouth by the water P1060268 Light House Lens P1060277 American Rover saling ship P1060279 Nauticus Navel Museum P1060283 USS Wisconsin BB 64 ????????????????????? P1060289 Cranes to load and unload ships P1060296 Unknown Sub P1060302 unknown ship P1060311  USS  Kearsarge LHD 3 P1060313 George H W Bush CVN 77 P1060327 Where shell the clams for clam chowder P1060330 Hospital P1060331 First Navel and Veterans Hostpital P1060361 P1060364


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