First Trip after Retirement Part Five

We left the USS York Town and headed for Portsmouth Virginia and as we were driving we were going through Columba SC and we noticed the capital building from the highway, so we decided to stop for lunch, we went by the State Capital Building first. It had a lot of history also you could see around the building these stares and beside each star there was a peace of the building missing, that was where the building was hit with cannon, or gun fire from the civil war. While Charlotte was walking around and in the capital building I was looking in the Garmen for a place to eat, it has a program that will tell you eating places and how to get there. I found a bakery so when she got in the car I just started driving and told her I had a surprise for her, any way when I pulled in to the bakery she said I should have known, now when you see me in a picture you can understand why I look the way I do.P1060214 CSCB P1060215 Coumblia SC State Captial P1060219 Sumter Memorial P1060220 State Captial SC P1060221 Captial Building P1060223 P1060224 P1060225 P1060230 Statue on captial grounds P1060232 George Washington in fron of Captial Building P1060233 Inside of Captial Building P1060234 Taken inside Cloumbia SC State Captial P1060236 P1060237 Cannon ball hit P1060241 Cannon ball hit


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