First Trip after Retirement Part Four

The next morning we had breakfast loaded up the car and drove around Charleston looking over the sites then headed back over the bridge to the USS York Town CV 10. I had been close to some carriers when I was in the navy but was never able to go aboard one, so I told Charlotte I would like to go aboard this one. We were there when they opened the pier to go aboard, it felt a little weird when I went on board for there was no one their to salute and give us permission to come aboard and there was a flag but you did not salute it like we did when I was in the service. We did the self-guided tour so we started aft which is the rear of the ship walking through the hanger deck then started down I had forgotten how steep the steps were and my old knee, hips and ankles did not like it but I went down any way. One of the first compartments we came to there was a 671 Detroit engine mounted on an engine stand which brought back memories for that was my job in the navy was to keep these engines running in our small boats. Then we walked through the mess halls, sleeping compartments, sick bay, engine rooms, then back up through the supper structure to the radar, radio, command room, ready rooms for the pilots, and the bridge. Then out on the flight deck where there were several plains to look at, then back down to the hanger deck forward where there we several original style air planes. I had a great time looking the old ship over and remembering seeing the move about her and how she had served in the wars.P1060205 P1060204 Getting ready to board the York Town P1060203 Bridge comming from Charleston to Mt Pleasant P1060213 F4U Corsair P1060212 USS Clamagore 343 P1060211 USS Laffey DD 724 P1060210 A4C Skyhawk P1060208 Charleston accross the bay P1060207 On the flight deck of the York Town P1060206


2 thoughts on “First Trip after Retirement Part Four

  1. To be able to board CV-10 was a tremendous honor. Named after CV-5 (sunk at Midway), she served long after WWII’s end. She retrieved Apollo 8 and was the carrier shown in “Tora, Tora, Tora”.


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