First Trip after Retirement Part Three

P1060084 Wormsloe State Park Savannah Ga P1060086 Wormsloe P1060089 Path going to the ruins P1060090 P1060096 P1060097 Ruin P1060102 Tree P1060106 Grave  P1060116 At ruins siteWe woke up to a cool and rainy morning, as we had breakfast, Charlotte was reading about Wormsloe State Park which has the oldest structure in Savannah so we loaded up the car and I headed that away. When we got there the rain had turned in to a light drizzle, we went through the museum first and at the time we were the only people in there, this nice young ranger came in while we were looking at all the artifacts and he gave us a lot of the history of the place you could tell he really love his job and was very well-informed about the history of the place.  After the museum we went out and walked about quarter of a mile down to what was left of the old ruins that was still standing. Grave of George Wormsloe

It only took us an hour or so to go through Wormsloe and we were off to Charleston SC. It took us a couple of hours to get to Charleston and it is too early to check in to the motel so we drove down town parked the car and took P1060127 Ferrys to Ft Sumter P1060135 Charleston from the ferry P1060145 Ft Sumter P1060147 Ft Sumter P1060149 Ft Sumter P1060150 Ft Sumter P1060152 Ft Sumter P1060155 Hole for Canon Ft Sumter P1060159 Ft Sumter P1060160 Ft Sumter P1060164 Ft Sumter P1060168 Ft Sumtera ferry to Fort Sumter National Monument. This is where the first cannon shot in civil war was fired from. Again we enjoyed seeing the old cannon and the story about the fort was built by men hauling rocks to this site and droping them here to bring the foundation above the water line and then to build the fort itself. I just could not comprehend how much time and the pain that those men had to endure to accomplish all that. After we docked we were getting hungry and my wife loves crab cakes and she had seen an advertisement about a place called Hymans down town not too far from where we were at so we headed that way, of course we could not find a parking spot so we parked bout four blocks away and walked to it, there was some waiting time but not too bad and while you were setting out side waiting a girl would come by every so often and give you some of their hush puppies to snack on boy were they good. We had earned enough points to get a free room anywhere in the world and so Charlotte had made arraignments several weeks ago to come and stay here so we already had a room, we went to the motel checked in and relaxed for a little while.P1060181 Eating at Hymans P1060186 Down Town Charlston

We looked the map over and we spotted a little community call Folly Beach and it was right on ocean and Charlotte has not put her feet in the water yet so I told her come on we are going and look it over. We drove down the streets but the way the houses were and the sand see wall was built up you could not see their water from the road so I found a place I could park. The roads or narrow so you have to park as close to the side as you can, I parallel parked leaving enough room for Charlotte to get out and we walked over the wooden bridge across the sea wall and down to the beach. I found me a place to set back and watch my wife acting like a school girl walking up and down the beach getP1060188 Folly Beachting her feet wet and just having a blast. After about 30 minutes or so we headed back to the car, and when we got to the car there was an envelope on the windshield, it was a parking ticket evidently when you park you must have the tires completely off the pavement, my tires were on it about an inch, any way it costP1060190 This was the 50.00 picture us 50.00 dollars yes that is right 50.00 dollars. Charlotte just started crying, it ruined her day, I told her don’t worry about it I well stop and pay it and we will be on our way, she said no if it hadn’t been for me we would not have this problem, so I told her no if it wasn’t for a city taking advantage of visitors we would not have this problem and besides later we will have something to laugh about. Any way she went in to pay it and explained to the lady that we or from out-of-town and did not know, she said the lady did not respond except to say that will be 50.00 dollars. That night for dinner I located a 5 Guys Burgers so I said let’s go for a drive so I drive over the bridge to MT Pleasant and then went south toward Fort Sumter National monument across from the bay from the fort so I thought, when I got there I found this monument was on an army base and we could not go on the base. After that I drove her to the burger place. I had my Vietnam veterans hat on and while we were eaten the manager came out to thank me for my service and we had a nice visit with him about how after he got out of the marines he came back here to help take care of his dad any way this helped cheer up Charlotte and that was what I was trying to do.


5 thoughts on “First Trip after Retirement Part Three

  1. Nice story. Too bad about the ticket but just think of it as helping the city, your duty just like it was your duty to go to Nam.
    Take Care.


  2. First Trip after Retirement Part Four – harbin77

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