First Trip after Retirement part two

P1060044 Some where between Blairsville and Savannah GaAfter leaving Helen Charlotte was looking in the AAA book again and was reading about a town not too far from Helen it was called Blairsville Georgia so we headed that way. It was another beautiful drive so far all we have seen of this state is beautiful. As we pulled into town and I do not know why but I turned left off the main road and P1060038 Blairsville Gaafter about a block I noticed my last name on a building it was called Harbin Dry Cleaners. It was a weekend and it was not open so we went on into town and looked around. After eating lunch we headed for Savannah Georgia again I just can’t P1060043 Blairsville Gasay enough about the drive, people who fly everywhere just don’t know what they are missing. We drove the rest of the afternoon until we reached Savannah, we found us a motel checked in It was Sunday night so we found a little Baptist church that had Sunday night services and we went to church.

The next morning we headed down town to the water P1060049 East Bay Street-Lincon Streetfront, I found a parking spot a cross from what I thought was the last street you could get to before we reached the water, Wrong after walking and going down some steep steps there was another street with all kinds of parking right by the water. O well I guess I needed the P1060054 Savannah Fire boatexercise but my feet started killing me, so I would set and watch Charlotte as she walked around, then she would come back where I was at and we would walk down the street a block or so and I would find another place to set and watch her, we did this P1060059 P1060063 I believe this was the World War two Memorial, P1060064 Savana waving girl 1869-1943most of the morning. Down town was starting to get pretty busy by now so we drove around sight seeing, I would find a place to pull over and park while Charlotte would get out and look around. We decided we would like to eat at Lady and P1060048 Georgia Hussars Monument P1060068Sons for lunch this is Paula Dean’s restaurant, we had to park several blocks away and walk to the restaurant but we figured we were early enough that there should not be a long line. Wrong again we went up to the hostess to get our name on the list, she told us it would be a couple of hours wait, we were about to say never mind when she said would you mind setting at the bar and we said no we did not mind so they seated us right away. We P1060074 Tybee Island Light House P1060075 Gate to the fort      went up stairs to the third floor for that was where the bar was; thank goodness they had an elevator, after getting up there and seated the bar tender ask what we would like to drink and we both said diet cokes for neither one of us drink alcohol. TheP1060077n he aP1060076sked if we wanted the buffet and he told us where it was, Man that was good food and deserts, I guarantee the food is not for people on a diet or for a diabetic and I am a type II but I had it any way it was great eating.

After lunch we drove out to Tybee IslandP1060080 for my wife loves to put her feet in the ocean and walk on the beach, we drove all over town but could not findP1060079 Where a couple of canon balls hit the wall a parking spot so we drove to the Tybee Island light house I let her out to take some pictures while I drove around then came back and picked her up. After that we decided to go to the Tybee Island Museum for we love history and around here there is a lot of old history. It was P1060081so neat to be able to go inside the fortress and see the big cP1060078anons and where the men lived and how crude their living quarters were, and to see where cannon balls had come in and hit the walls.


4 thoughts on “First Trip after Retirement part two

  1. Thank you for the trip. It is amazing how many people say they travel all over the country when all they really do is drive on the interstate from one motel to another without ever getting on the back roads like you guys do. You give us inspiration to travel when you do it even though it causes you pain.
    Take Care.


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