Gallery: Sixth Cruise Part Four

After leaving Halifax we cruised around the south side of Nova Scotia and in to the Bay of Fundy towards St John New Brunswick Canada, we had also taken this cruise in hopes of seeing some fall foliage but I guess it had been too warm for we P263 20110928 #263 STHNBCmight catch a little glimpse every so often. As the ship waP140 20110928 #140 NBC The three lanterns are to help ships come ins getting closer to St John I could see what looked like to me to be a reef in the water extending out from the mouth of the harbor into the bay. The ship was heading straight for it and I thought to myself if I can see this I know the helmsman can see it, we kept getting closer and closer to it finely I could see it was where the fresh water of the St John river was mixing in with the salt water in the bay. If I understand it correctly when high tide happens the Bay of Fundy becomes about 14 feet highP177 20110928 #177 STJNBCer than the St John River causing it to run backwards and the salt water mixes with the fresh water up to 80 miles inland. Maybe this link will explain it better. St John is a Beautiful town and full of history, we just happened to stumble on to a city operated tour bus stop and there was a bus getting ready to leave, Charlotte asked him if he would be going by the reversiP169 20110928 #169 Reversing river where hight tide is 14 feet higher than the falls and he said yes he was but that the high tide was already starting and if he goes his usual route we would get there too late to see it, so he asked the people on the bus would it be ok if he ran this last run backwards and they said ok. He went around the block to get turned around and away we went, we got up to the river and he droppeP168 20110928 #168 Where Move Childern of a lesser God was made NBCd us off thin parked the bus and waited on us. After we got back on board we continued on and he would point out different spots of the town as we passed them. We pulled up to a school building and he stopped at the steps leading up to it and said this is where the move Children of a lesser God was filmed. Then we drove on and hP205 20110928 #205 Haunted House in STJNBCe pointed out a house that was in a haunted house movie but I do not remember the name of it. He took us around the town square with the beautiful buildings  around it and the park in the middle, he dropped us off and said he would be back for us “the city had an ordinance as to where the bus could not stay very long” so he would have to come back and pick us up. We went into the city market which was across the street from where he dropped us off, it did not look big from the outside but once you got inside wow. I remember when the ship docked and we got off that the ramp to get off was very steep to go down and when we got back on board the ramp was on a different deck and it was not so steep, I know that the tide had dropped that 14 or so feet because before we would look out a window you had to look down to see the pier and now if you looked out the same windoP183 20110928 #183 The area in the for groud is dry when the tide is outw you would have to look up to see the edge of the pier. P149 20110928 #149 NBC P164 20110928 #164 NBC      P214 20110928 #214 War fort STJNBC P219 20110928 #219 STJNBC P234 20110928 This is a memorial for a youg man who tryed to save a young boy #269 P241 20110908 #241 First FH in STJNBC P250 New York & Canada 250 P252 20110928 City Market STJNBC #252


5 thoughts on “Gallery: Sixth Cruise Part Four

  1. Sixth Cruise Part Five – harbin77

  2. That was a fascinating bit of info on the St. John river. Indeed, that area must have a fascinating ecosystem. You were fortunate to visit Nova Scotia. I was so close a few years ago and am now sorry I missed it after reading your story.


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