Sixth Cruise Part Five

P275 20110929 #275 Portland Maine P284 20110929 #284 PMUSA P287 20110929 #287 PMUSA   We left out of St John in to the Bay of Fundy and headed south into the Gulf of Maine towards Portland Maine. I have been looking forward to going back to Maine ever since we were her back in 2003 with our daughter. We had just gotten to Maine when we received a call from back home that my wife’s brother was on his death-bed so we went back home. I wanted to try fresh Maine lobster back then and I thought I was going to get a chance again. I never get sick at sea and the only thing I could figure out was it must have been someP289 20110929 #289 PMUSAthing I had eaten for dinner last night on the ship. I have been sick to my stomach and just did not feel good when the ship pulled in to Portland. We had met a couple on board ship and told them we would meet them at the Portland Lobster Company to eat lunch. I stayed in bed while P290 20110929 Charlotte & my lobster roll #290ChP293 20110929 This is a south paw lobster #293arlotte went in to town to do a little shopping; I was hoping that when she came back that I would be felling a lot better. I told her that I thank I would be ok so we walked down the dock and the three or four blocks to the Lobster co. Carl and his wife showed up, so we went inside I told Charlotte if she wants a lobster to go ahead and order her one but I did not feel I could handle it, so she just got her a lobster role and I took a bite of it and that was all I could handle. Carl and his wife had the lobster though and it looked awful good. I just did not feel good so I asked her if she would go with the other couple and that I was going back to the ship so I walked back and went straight to our room. After she returned to the ship and came up to the room I was asleep so she just walked around the ship for a while. When she came back I was up and not doing to good so she said let’s go see the ship’s doctor. I told him that I know it was not see sickness because I have been on board a navy ship in the middle of a Typhoon and that did not make me sick. I said that I thought it was something I had eaten for breakfast the other morning, so he gave me something to settle my stomach and said it was ship protocol that I would be quarantined in my room for the next two days. I was to order from room service and to drink plenty of fluids to help keep me from getting dehydrated. I stayed it my state-room until the ship pulled backing New York Harbor. The doctor called our room to see how I was feeling and after talking with me he released me to go.

There was no way I was going to miss sailing back into New York and I was P322 20110930 Lady at night #322 P332 20110930 NY from the ship #332   feeling a lot better so out we went to see the lady when she came by, it was dark so we got to see her lit up and the city all lit up, it was starting to get day light and the clouds were very low and was covering some of the tall buildings. The ship docked at the pier next to the aircraft carrier Intrepid, this was before they had put the space shuttle on it. I would love to haP340 20110930 Ellis Island  #340ve been able to go on board the Intrepid but P343 20110930 Lady again #343we did not have time, we loaded on the bus to take us back to LaGuardia Airport. This time we had a driver that drove slower and not so jerky, so Charlotte was able to get a few pictures from the bus. We had a little bit of time when we got to airport to eat and we saw another 5 Guys burgers so we had a hamburger. They did not serve peanuts so Charlotte asked why and they said that they could not at the airport for some people are allergic to peanuts. One of Charlotte’s lens fell out of her glasses and she was unable to read without them. She saw a Sunglasses Hut in the airport across from the 5 Guys Burgers so she went in and asked if they could fix them, they said they could not for insurance purpose but that they could give her a screw and she could pP373 20110930 #373ut it in. She could not see good enough without her glasses on so she came out and got me, and she watched the luggage while I went in P351 20110930 Sight at groun Zero New York  #351to fix her glasses, when I went in I told the lady who I was and what I was there for and she said If I would give a dollar donation for glasses for the under privileged childern then she could give me a screw and I could install the lens. They could not find a screw to fit so she said hold on a minute and she went in the back, when she came back she had some nylon thread, I put the lens in and held it as tight as I could then shP433 20110930 From plain at LaGuradia  #433e put the thread through the hole and tied it as tight as she could I told her thank you for all she did to help us. The lens stayed in until we got home and we took them in to where we got the glasses and they fixed them. We loded on the plane and back to Texas and unless something comes up it most likley will be the last cruise.


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