Sixth Cruise Part Two

The ship was to leave at 5:00 and I thank it was like 4:30 or so when we got to the ship, we still had to check in and board but at least we made it. We made our way to or cabin and located the life jackets then just relaxed until the life boat drill. On the back of the cabin door there is a poster telling you where to go for the life boat so we looked at then headed down two it, most of the cruise ships we have been on when they have the drill you are packed like sardines while the crew explains how to put on your life jackets and shows you which boat to get in. But this time we went to the theater and we were able to sit down while they explained the procedure. Finley the ship backed out of its P004 20110924 #5 P005 20110924 Empire state building P008 20110924 #8 NY P011 20110924  NY P012 20110924  NY P015 20110924  NY P019 20110924 #019 NY P025 20110924 #029 NYP028 20110924 #033 NY parking spot turned and headed toward Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, and out into the lower bay then east alongside Brooklyn New York to the Atlantic Ocean and North to Sydney Nova Scotia.
After a day and a half days at sea the ship pulled in to Sydney Nova Scotia that is. It is a beautiful little town and think goodness we were the only cruise ship there. The captain had to come in turn the ship around and back in to the parking spot at the dock. I am amazed how the ship as big as they are can do the things they can do. I remember the navy ship I was stationed on had to have tug boats to turn us around and then push us in to the parking spot. Most all the group went into town but I stayed close to the ship for at the time I did not know what was going on with my knee that had been replaced just a few short years ago but it was hurting enough that I had to use a cane to walk around so I stayed close to the ship (I found out that my knee implant was coming loose and I had it replaced again about 3 months after this cruise). We went down on the pier where there was a shop and a little museum, then I went back aboard and Charlotte walked around some of the neighborhood close to the ship.P033 20110926 #038 SNS Before
the ship left port we had some local entertainment come on board, two fiddle players
and a pianist they played some of their local music. They told how that in the
winter time everything is covered with snow and their water ways is iced over
so no ships can get in to them so they will have what they call barn parties
but actually they will take turns going to their different homes or churches
eat and play music.P040 20110926 #040 SNS P042 20110926 #042 SNS P043 20110926 #043 SNS P044 20110926 #044 Inside shop at the pear SNS P045 20110926 #045 SNS P048 20110926 #048 SNS P053 20110926 #053 SNS


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