Sixth Cruise Part Three

P054 20110927 #054 Halifax Nova Scotia harbor P055 20110927 #055 HNS P056 20110927 #056 HNS P062 20110927 #062 PCNS P072 20110927 #072 PCNS         After the three locals from Sydney had disembarked from the ship we set sail for our next port, we sailed all night and pulled into Halifax Nova Scotia the next morning. Halifax has a beautiful harbor and as we were coming in I could see another P109 20110927 #109 HNSP100 20110927 #100 HNSP088 20110927 #088 HNScruise ship in front of us and I also noticed a cute little tug boat off to our port side. After we tied up to the dock we boarded a bus that would take us to Peggy’s cove where there is a beautiful light house. While the people were out looking at the light house the tour guide would tell anyone who wood like to hear about the differences in lobsters. It was info that I had never heard of before, of course being from the Texas Panhandle which is close to 600 miles from any coast line anP116 20110927 #116 HNSd the only time we see a lobster is if we go to Red Lobster to eat. Any way he said that there are left claw and Right claw lobsters, which ever side the big claw was on is what made the difference, and if one is cut off another one will grow back, so there I learned something. As the tour bus came back to Halifax the tour guide pointed out several old homes and the cemetery where some of the people off the Titanic were buried as we were passing the cemetery he said the young man who Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed was also buried in one of the cemeteries that we had passed. He also said there was a family from Halifax who had bought some expensiveP122 20110927 #122 Sight where ammo ship exploded on Dec 6 1917 furniture and was having it shipped on the Titanic so needless to say it never made it. As we headed back down to the harbor he told us about the massive explosion that occurred P135 20110927 #135 Grave yard where some of the people on the Titanicon December 6th of 1917 a war ship loaded with explosives was hit by P130 20110927 #130 HNS Winston Churchillanother ship and blew up. And for any one doing genealogy Halifax was the entry point for the immigrant’s coming into Canada and some on into the United States.P136 20110927 #136 HNS


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