Sixth Cruise Part One

Have you ever just wanted to do something so bad that you think about it a lot but you also thank in back of your mind this will never happen? Most all my life when seeing a movie are watching TV I would see a ship or a boat or even an air plane go past the Statue of Liberty I would think to myself I would like to do and see that. Charlotte and I have been talking about how we would like to go up the east coast and see the leaves changing, we had been to Middletown CT when our daughter moved there and we loved the area and we thought then we need to come during the leaf changing time. Beverly our next door neighbor had come over and was talking with Charlotte about this cruise leaving out of New York City, Beverly sisters church which is north of Dallas was getting a cruise together and wanted to know if she wanted to go so Beverly came over to ask if we would like to go also.  We had talked about how we need to stop going on cruises for they are a little pricey and then you usually have to fly some place to catch the ship and flights do not come cheap either. Well this cruise came up and the price was not too bad, anyway Charlotte was telling me about it and that we would be sailing out of New York harbor, I immediately thought that it will go right pass the Statue of Liberty, (one of my phrases ever since the show Hawaii 5-O has been on so instead of book him Dano I say book it Dano.) so I that is what I told her. This was around November 2010 when Charlotte was telling me about this and the cruise was not until the end of September of 2011 so this would give us some time to save for the trip and for us to figure out how and what we were going to do.

We had thought about driving to the town where the church was at and ride the bus with this group to the airport but we would have to leave early and drive all night to get there so we decided to drive to Dallas instead, we drove and stayed at a motel near the airport in Dallas. The people at the motel said if we would stay two nights with them that we could leave or car at the motel and they would take us and pick us up from the airport so that is what we did. We had driven the 5 hours that it takes to get from home to Dallas and found our motel, we checked in and then we went to get something to eat. Charlotte noticed a 5 Guy’s Burgers and said she would like to try it for she had heard a friend talk about them. So I pulled in and went inside it was great you could order your burger with several condiments to choose from plus when you ordered fries they will cut the potatoes into fries and then fry them up for you, also while you are waiting on your food they have boxes of peanuts in their shells that you can eat for free.

The next morning we got up early and caught the shuttle to the airport, I have had my left knee replaced so when I fly I try to always wear shorts bP001 20110924  Ready to fly to New Yorkecause when I go through a metal detector I will set it off. I will tell them before I go through that I have a knee implant so they will have me go to the side and wand me and since I have shorts on they can see the scar where the knee was put in and this usually makes it easier for the TSA agent and me. So when Charlotte and I go somewhere we try to get there early for we both have to be wand because she has a pace maker and she is not able to go through any machine that has magnets.

We did not have breakfast and we were not sure how long the flight would be, or if we would have time to eat anything once we reached New York so we decided to get something to eat at the airport while we waited for our flight. It came time to board the plane and we were excited for we were going to the Big Apple. The flight was smooth and we had no problems, we landed at LaGuardia Airport, and found the bus to take us to the ship. Now the fun starts we boarded the bus and we were off we looked out the windows trying to see what we could on the way to the ship but the driver was making hard stop and go;s through town. I think the driver had one foot on the fuel pedal and the other foot on the brake because the whole ride our heads were bouncing forward and backwards there was no way to take any pictures USS Intrepidbecause you could not hold the camera steady enough. The ship was to leave at 5:00 and I thank it was like 4:30 or so when we got to the ship, we still had to check in and board but at least we made it. The USS Intrepid air museum is next to the pier where the cruise ship was tied up.


10 thoughts on “Sixth Cruise Part One

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  6. I am glad that your long time dream had the chance to come true for you. I hope that you and your family are doing okay and I hope you all have a happy and safe week ahead.—Shalom


    • Thank you and already started off a great week for the Lord blessed us with some rain last night and it is a beautiful Lords day. We went to church this morning and praised and worshiped our loving God. God bless you and your family. Jim


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