Fifth Cruise Part Two

Our first full day out in the gulf was proving to be a good day, the waters were fairly calm and we were all having a great time walking about the ship relaxing, watching people dance, swim, play miniature golf, and just Play some Golfsunbathe, if you did not want to do that you could set out on your balcony and take a nap, our go and get ice cream and watch the water go by. Our first port was Montego Ba Jamaica, and as a group we all got off the ship and took a bus down town where, oh yes the girls shopped and we guys just followed along like little puppies. While the girls were shopping around some of us guys went into a little café and got something to drink and Jamiacn Bob Sledder and Robertwhile we were in there a man from the Jamaican Bob Sled team was in there giving out autogrMontego Bay Jamaica by the dockaphs to the locals, there was also a model of the bob sled they use for training. It was a lot better experience here than it was when we were in Ocho Rios a few years back, the people seemed a lot friendlier. We all had to get back on board it was time to leave and head for George Town Grand Cayman. The ship Walking for the curewas supposed to have a walk for the cure but do to the whether they had canceled it for it was to be heled up on the walking deck out side. The girls took it up on them selfs to go ahead and have it on the inside of the ship where it was open enough for them to get a good walk in.

The next morning the ship dropped anchor off of George Town and we had to catch a shuttle boat to the pier. After eating breakfast we all headed dJim and Gleen settingown to catch thDon& Janey welcom to Georg Towne shuttle and off we went, I bet you will never guess where we headed, yep you guessed it again, shopping of course we manly men did not mind and we were just along to give them money and carry packages. After a little bit we kind of split up and the ones that had not been here before went sightseeing. After We are tired of waitingeveryone was back on board the ship raised anchor and we headed for Cozumel Gleen Wanda, Olin Carioln, Jim & Charlotte shuttle back to the shipMexico. We pulled in to Cozumel and tied up at the pier, most of the group wanted to go into town, the rest of us just went to the shops right at the end of the pier. This was the last day before heading back to Galveston so the group stayeUs at the mall in Cozumeld out as long as they could in Cozumel before coming back to the ship. There was a storm brewing as the ship was heading back to the states and the waves were a good size this made the ship rock back and forth so bad that the water in the swimming pool was sloshing out of the pool. The three of us x navy guys slept like babies that night but some of the others were getting sea sick. The next day most of us had met up on the Lido deck to eat, Robert  and Sharion was not Roberts Birthdayfeeling good, we had gotten our food and just set down and we were wondering where Loni was. Robert told us later when got to feeling better that he was ln bed next to Sharion when he got a phone call saying his wife was skick and need him to come and get her. It was Loni the woman who came with us she was trying to find us and had gotten sick and was unable to make it back to her room and since her room was close to Robert and Sharion she asked for Robert and the crew thought that she was his wife. We have been having a blast this whole cruise and we did not let the storm All 6 Girls with Shipruin our cruise we would laugh about it every time it would come up after we were home.  Janie has passed on and we all miss her and her husband Don still comes to our get together once a month and the Christmas party we have every year.


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