Fifth Cruise Part One

Jim and CharlotteOne of our close friends had been diagnosed with stage four breast cancers and was doing well. TherDon and Janeye are five couples that have been together ever since our kids had started kindergarten back in the mid 1970’s. When we first got together was for a Halloween carnival where we were to help set up the school for this carnival. We would meet together as parents during the school year once a month to help plan different activates for our kids at Robert and ShariontCarlon and Olinhe school. This group was called the PTA (Parents, Teacher, Association,) and this same group of parents stayed together as our kids went from kindergarten to ninth grade. After this we decided to stay in touch and we started meeting once a month to eat and visit, catch up onWanda and Glenn what our kids and grandkids were doing. Ok I know you or asking what does this has to do with a cruise.Loni

I also mentioned Janey in one of my earlier blogs (The kids at Lamar elementary School). Our friend Janey as I said had stage four breast cancers and she has fought it for several years beating it at least three different times. It had been over eight years since she was first diagnosed; we were at one of our monthly get together and the subject of some of the cruises that Olin, Carolyn, and Charlotte and I had been on came up. Janey said that she would like to go on a cruise and so we started talking about that, her husband Don said he was not sure if he wanted to for he had been in the navy and did not know if he would like going on a ship again, Glenn said the same thing for he was x navy also. I told them hay come on, look at it this way you would be on that ship and you would not have to do any of the work like we had to in the navy. Olin had just won a cruise and said they were getting ready to go at the end of the next year and why don’t we all save up and go so we all said we would think about it. Charlotte and I had already had the Alaska cruise set up to go with our daughter but we thought that we just did not know if we would ever get another chance to go with them and after all Janey had said that she would love to go on a cruise. Every one agreed to go so we all signed up for a Caribbean cruise to Mexico, we had even called another lady who used to be in the group and had moved to South Carolina to seUSS Texas in Galveston harbore if she would like to join us and she jumped at the chance.

Time had come for us to go on the cruise and we Dolphin swiming around Galveston bayhad left early so that we could of course see the kids down in Houston seeing as how the cruise ship was to leave out of Galveston. We met up with the group at the motel where we were all staying and as usual had a great time visiting. The next day we all made it to Galveston, drove around looking the beaches over and then headed to board the ship. We who had sailed before really enjoyed watching the faces of the group who had not sailed before. Janey was having a great time and We had told them about the 24 hour ice cream machine and that was one of the first things that Don and Janey headed for once we were aboard ship. After the abandon ship drill we all manned the rails to watch the ship disembark and sail around the bay and out into the Gulf of Mexico.


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