Fourth Cruise Part Three

After leaving port in Seattle we headed for Alaska, this is the first time that we had three in a cabin, so after being out for dinner and walking around on the ship we went back to the cabin. When we walked in our room was set up for sleeping, usually the beds or scooted together for Charlotte and me but this time they could not do that for they had to drop a bed out of the ceiling in theThe Caben with the pull down bed room and it hung down over one of the beds, that was neat for it gave us three separate beds which I know made my daughter happy for she did not have to see her mom and dad in bed together. We sailed all that night and all the next day to reach Ketchikan for our first port. We went shopping and I took it as long as I could but as usual those girls could out walk me so I told them to have a good time but I was going to head back to the ship where I could get off my feet. They stayed out for quite a while so I knew they were having a great day.

After leaving Ketchikan the ship headed north and we were supposed to go Sis looking at the Fjords from our roomthrough Tracy Arm Fjords but there was too much ice floating through it so we went through anotherFloating Ice one next to Tracy Arm. I do not remember which arm we went up but the of the glacier is Dawes and it was beautiful and there were several big chunks of ice floating with a few seals resting on them, when the ship would get close to ice the seals would go back into the water. The ship had to leave the same way it came in so we could stay in our cabin and go out Mommy and Baby sealon the balcony to see all the beauty, that way when you got to cold slip back in your room get warm and then right back out to see some more.Sister ship this is what the ship we are on lookes like

Next stop was Juneau, after we docked Charlotte and Sis took a bus into town, I stayed back on board ship because of my feet and back wereYep this a street in Junaeu killing me and I did not thank I could walk very much longer. I had been there before and I would just hold those two women back because once they set Glaciertheir mind on sightseeing and shopping there was no holding them back. I had written in my second cruise about how even the steps were called streets here so I thought I would show a picture of them. I enjoyed relaxing on board ship watching the eagles, sea planes and just whatever was going on around the ship. The girls made it back to the ship and was telling me all about what they call fun shopping so I just shook my head and said glade you enjoyed it.

We pulled out of Juneau and headed for Skagway where we pulled in the next morning. We went up to eat breakfast and while we were eating an Eagle flew iWhale blowingn next to the pear and had a fish he had caught so he was eating breakfast with us until some seagulls started bugging him wanting him to share his catch so finely he Whalejust took his fish and flew away. Where we docked at we had to take a shuttle into town and it was a beautiful day to walk around. While Charlotte and I walked around by the shops our daughter went on an excursion to see a waterfall and some whales. She said as they were hiking they kept hearing several sounds that she was not sure what it was, everyone went up over this little mound and they spotted several whales out in the bay. Sis was so excited when she told us about it and she had some pictures but all we could see was the blow of water when they came up for air.

Two Ships and a SubWe sailed again that night and sailed all the next day and night. It was overcast the next morning in fact the clouds were very low but just as we were approaching Salish Sea which is the water way between Victoria BC Island and the State of Washington in the United States the sky’s cleared and we could see land on both sides of the ship again. I saw an US Coast guard ship and then two other ships but I noticed something between the other two ships, and as we got closer I saw another Coast Guard ship trailing them. I went in and got my binoculars and when I went back out on the balcony and looked there was a submarine between the two unknown ships. In fact the only ships that I could tell belonged to the United States was the two Coast Guard ships, so I guess they were escorting the other three ships. My wife and daughter wanted to see it so I gave them the binocularsCamera and Binoculars, we were trying to take a picture so they came up with an idea, sis held the binoculars while Charlotte held the camera up to the one of the sights on the binoculars and took a pictureStare case in the Empress hotel in Victoria BC and they actually got a picture of it. When we were leaving for Alaska I had seen a submarine heading toward Seattle and it was by itself. We reached Victoria around 7:00pm and where the ship docked it was good ways from town, here again I had seen it and so I just stated on board for the ship would be pulling out in 5 short hours and I did not want to slow the girls down.

We set sail at midnight for Seattle which meant the cruise was over. When we docked at Seattle we met up with the rest of the group and took a shuttle to Sea Tack Air Port. We said good-bye to sis and then the motel we were staying at picked us up for our plane was not leaving until the next day.


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