Fourth Cruise Part Two

After leaving Port Angeles we headed back South enjoying the beauty of the drive for everywhere you look or every turn in the road you make is just beautiful to behold. I guess living all our life in the wide open spaces of the Texas Panhandle leads us to appreciate Gods handy work. Our daughter’s flight was coming in this afternoon so we headed down driving around all the fingers of Puget Sound for in this area there were no bridgeWashington State Captials or ferry’s to go across them. We came to the town of Olympia and that is where the State Capital of Washington is located, you know we had to stop in there and see the capital building. We have killed enough time itA seal stamped out Of George Washington in side Washington Stte Captital. was time to get to the airport to pick up our daughter. We had made reservations at the same Motel where we stayed the first night the wife and I had got here so we headed toward down town Seattle to catch a ferry over to Bremerton. There was enough day light left so we drove around Bremerton to show CeAnne where she lived while she was in her mommies tummy for she has heard us talk about this place all her life. She told us that she now understands why we love it so. It was getting dark so I headed to Silverdale where we spent the night. We called Jeff and then met them for an Ice cream and talked about where we might get together Down Town Poulsbo Washingtonthe next day for lunch, I told him that we were going to show her around Poulsbo because we had told her about that town also and sheInside JJ's Fish House Poulsbo wanted to see it so we agreed to meet at J J’s Fish house around noon. We spent most of the next day just driving around looking over the area picking out places we might like to live if we ever decided to move up here and of course the girls found all kind of places to shop. Finley it was time to meet up with Jeff and his family Poulsbo harber across the parking lot from out side JJ'sso to Poulsbo we went. We all had a great lunch and then we walked down by the water and just visited a while for Ce, and Jeff had not seen each other in years and they wanted to catch up Seattle taken from Bainbridge Island accross Puget Soundwith what all that has been going on in their lives. Plus the two young girls wanted to play and they loved hearing our Texas accents, their dad had been away from Texas so long that his accent was not as strong of course we had a little trouble understanding them also for they have been growing up in Japan so they mostly spoke In that language but they were also learning English due to their dad speaking English.

After looking over Silverdale and the surrounding area CeAnne wWinery in Woosinville Washingtonanted to go to a winery just north of Seattle in a Town called Woodinville Washington, Mom and I had never been to a winery so this was and experience for us. The winery plantitionSis which is another name I called her sometimes used to travel all the time with one of the companies she worked for and so she has collected some free night stays with Marriott so we stayed at the Renaissance Seattle, we checked in and then I turned the rental car back in. The girls had fun with all the shops right down town Seattle I would meet them to eat and we rode the monorail to the Space Needle and back then we rode the hop on hop off bus around down town and the water front where the girls enjoyed the Public Market. They liked to watch the men who work there Public Market Down Tonwn Seattlebecause when someone ordered a whole fish the one worker would throw it to the other one to wrap it up. We had a wonderful time in Seattle and the surrounding country side but it was time to catch a shuttle to the cruise ship where we met up with the groupFamous fish market where they throw the fish to the cashier from work. We all boarded the ship, waited for the abandon ship drill and then relaxed and were ready to set sail. Sailing out of the Puget Sound area brought back memories of the navy when we sailed in to Bremerton some 40 years ago.


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