Renewing Wedding Vows

our weddingIt has now been three months since or cruise where I had popped the question again to my wife. I think she had more fun planning this than she did for our wedding back in August 1965 for it has been 40 Renewing vowsyears and now she was a lot more relaxed. We were young kids of 19 years old when we first tied the knot and we were deep in love with each other. I wanted to be with her all the time and to this very day some 47 ySaying I Doears later I still feel that way. We called to see if it would be ok if we renewed our vows at the same church building where we were married, back then it was called Buchanan Street Baptist Church but The churchnow it is Buchanan Street Chapel. We received permission and then next we talked with our pastor at our church if he would do the ceremony and would be willing to do it where we were married. Charlotte had picked out some music that she would like to have played but instead of having someone play it on a piano we took a boom box with the CD’s that had the songs she wanted. Some of our children were able to come and they helped give a reception at our house for we had only invited a few close friends and family to the renewal ceremony and Recepationreception. Charlotte lived right across the street from the church where we were married, in fact that is the church where she gave her life to our Lord Where she livedJesus Christ when she was 15 years old. It was a beautiful day and the sun was out and it was not too hot for being in August. The day we were married back in 1965 there was a terrible rain storm in fact her house was struck by lightning just before the reception, thank goodness there was no fire but it did knock out the electric cook stove. And it was raining so hard the guys could not shoe polish my 65 Mustang fastback that we took on our honeymoon. One little bit of advice to you men if you want to stay out of the dog house for not remembering your anniversary is every month on the day you were married tell her happy anniversary and thin all you have to remember is the month. All I know is it has kept me out of the dog house and we kind of make it a game on who can tell the other one happy anniversary first on the 22nd of every month.


12 thoughts on “Renewing Wedding Vows

  1. Thank you for visiting and following our blog. I love the way you are writing your memories down so that others can enjoy them and understand the things you have done. I wish more people would do the same. And this post in particular is so sweet and special!


      • It took me a while to do this all three of my kids live in different parts of the country. One day my oldest twin was telling me that one day he would like to get us all together and talk about when I was in the Navy. I had no idea when I would get all my kids together at one time so I decided to do this and they all three read it. So you might let your parents know that you would like to hear about their life and who knows they might just do it. They might not know that you are even interested.


      • My dad talks more about his life than my mum, but I pester her all the time. Just recently though, my cousins started pestering her to tell them about their dad (her brother) and she said she might write a book. So who knows, maybe she’s coming around 🙂 A blog might be a less daunting task than a whole book too. I might suggest it!


    • Thank you for stopping in at my blog and for viewing Jeff’s pictures also. Yes I am very proud of his work, in fact he let me pose for this picture I am the one trimming the hedge. May God bless you and have a good day


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